Embedded Systems Academy Extends MicroCANopen

ESAcademy(R) has extended MicroCANopen, the family of low-cost and highly optimized CANopen software protocol stacks, by adding the option to auto-create the configuration for the stack using the visual editor for Electronic Datasheet (EDS) files, CANopen Architect EDS.

CANopen is a popular higher-layer application protocol particularly suited for embedded networking applications and based on CANbus, the Controller Area Network.

CANopen Architect EDS allows to create, edit and verify EDS files in a convenient and straightforward manner. These files document the communication features, data organization and access methods implemented in a network node and have to be provided by the manufacturer of a CANopen device. The same information is required in embedded software that contains the protocol stack in order for the functionality of the node to match with its documented features.

“Setting up the configuration for a CANopen stack can be a time consuming task,” says Andrew Ayre, Lead Software Engineer at ESAcademy. “Sometimes involving creating a hundred or more entries in different tables that can be related to each other. The process is prone to errors and normally has to be done a second time when creating the matching EDS. Integrating the code-creating functionality into our EDS editor and streamlining the configuration method in the various versions of MicroCANopen was a logical step to take for the benefit of our customers.”

Using CANopen Architect EDS it is easy to quickly create and maintain a large number of different node configurations which can then be turned into embedded firmware for the various nodes or simulated nodes for the PCANopen Magic ProDS simulation environment. Prices for a package of CANopen Architect EDS and a commercial MicroCANopen license start at $794 (US) or EUR 640.

About ESAcademy(R)
Embedded Systems Academy Inc. with offices in North America and Germany offers training and consulting services for all aspects of Embedded Systems. With a strong focus on embedded networking applications using CANbus, CANopen or Internetworking, ESAcademy is also the creator of an extensive line of CANopen development tools, embedded software libraries and the online CANopen Store. The tutors of ESAcademy wrote the book “Embedded Networking with CAN and CANopen”