Agilent Introduces Automotive Test Solutions

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE:A) introduced multiple product options that help automotive engineers develop their electronic products faster and under budget, while meeting quality requirements. These automotive test products can easily be integrated in complex, automated functional test configurations, which can be leveraged from design validation into production.

Agilent is demonstrating the following new products at Embedded World:

  • The FlexRay option for the Agilent 6000 series mixed signal oscilloscopes, which offers a robust set of FlexRay frame, slot and error triggering, including the ability to trigger on specific FlexRay communications qualified on base-cycle and cycle-repetition. Designers can see a synchronous and time-correlated display of segment and slot-timing boundaries by importing a FIBEX file that defines the global FlexRay schedule directly into the 6000 Series mixed signal oscilloscope.
  • The FlexRay extension to the Agilent 16800 and 16900 Series logic analyzer, which provides FlexRay packet decoding capabilities and is essential when debugging and validating activity between multiple buses in an automotive system. Analysis includes timing between signals, inverse assembly and packet display for key buses, as well as time-correlation of protocol packets to CPU and memory bus activity.

Information about the FlexRay standard and the FlexRay Consortium, of which Agilent is a member, can be found online.

“New Advanced Driver Assistance Systems will further connect subsystems within the car, and from cars to cars and cars to the infrastructure,” said Roland Jeutter, automotive business manager at Agilent Technologies Germany. “Our new automotive products help to master new technologies and the increasing complexity of these advanced Electronic Control Units.”

To ensure that the advanced electrical/electronic system of a vehicle stays within the limits for the electromagnetic emissions, Agilent adds support for the widely adopted measurement methods defined in the CISPR 25 standard. As unveiled at IEEE EMC 2006, Agilent’s fully CISPR 16-compliant solution will be released later this year. In addition to making CISPR 25 measurements, the Agilent solution, which is based on the Performance Spectrum Analyzer (PSA), will allow testing throughput not seen in previous-generation EMI receivers, at a competitive price.

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