TestQuest CountDown Supports Mobile Multimedia Testing

TestQuest, Inc., the leader in test automation and management solutions for mobile devices and applications, announced at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona, ES that it is extending its world-class test platform, TestQuest CountDown, to support comprehensive and automated testing of multimedia services and handsets in mobile and cellular networks.

Multimedia services and applications form the foundation of many of the new revenue streams emerging in today’s 2.5G and 3G cellular markets. Subscribers demand not only the ability to create and send images, play video, and listen to audio streams, but also expect flawless and TV-quality delivery of these multimedia services.

Testing of multimedia services and next-generation handsets is critical to their successful launch and adoption. However, quality and functional testing of mobile multimedia applications is not a trivial task, and is distinctly different from testing traditional broadcast and network-based video services. Developers must contend with network reliability problems, handset interoperability issues, multiple operating systems, and variations in service delivery platforms.

“Multimedia services that deliver choppy video, whether caused by poorly delivered services or faulty handsets, will result in extensive customer service support, costly recalls, and undesirable customer churn,” says David Haggerty, Chief Research Officer, TestQuest. “TestQuest brings together all the elements manufacturers, content providers, and carriers need to ensure the successful deployment of multimedia services and superior delivery of content.”

Advanced Video and Audio Testing Capabilities
TestQuest Mobile Video Testing Technology delivers highly-accurate, full reference, automated quality testing for any multimedia-capable handset. TestQuest’s approach to mobile video quality testing eliminates time-consuming and costly quality evaluation using traditional manual “expert panel” processes. With TestQuest, results are consistent, objective, more accurate, repeatable, and calculated in real-time.

The principal output of the video analysis is a Mean Opinion Score (MOS). The MOS mirrors an end-user’s subjective perception of the quality of mobile video services like video telephony, streaming, messaging and conferencing. TestQuest also provides test technicians with unweighted Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to perform more granular cause analysis. KPIs include distortion indicators, delay, brightness, contrast, jerkiness, blur, blockiness, skips/freezes, effective frame rate, and temporal and spatial activity indicators.

In addition to mobile video quality testing, TestQuest Mobile Video Testing Technology includes functional testing of multimedia content, enabling developers to not only verify that multimedia services operate as expected but to also measure a wide range of critical factors such as responsiveness, success rate of launch, time to load, time to play, and service availability. Lip-sync verification – confirming that audio is correctly synchronized with video – will also be supported.

By combining video quality testing with functional testing, TestQuest offers the robust test capabilities that multimedia service providers and handset manufacturers require. Automation is essential. It enables broader, more rigorous multimedia testing. It also provides unattended 24/7 monitoring of multimedia services and content; so multimedia testing can be extended into quality of service monitoring.

Superior Testing Technology
TestQuest CountDown with Mobile Video Testing Technology offers a comprehensive test automation and management solution for multimedia services and devices. It accelerates the launch of new mobile multimedia products by simplifying test case development, promoting reuse of test cases, enabling both manual and automated multimedia testing, supporting remote handset testing, and consolidating test assets and results to facilitate collaboration between globally-distributed teams.

An early-access version of TestQuest Mobile Video Testing Technology with multimedia quality and functional testing capability will be available in March 2007.

About TestQuest
TestQuest is the leader in test automation and management solutions for mobile devices and applications. Our unique combination of test automation technology, services and methodology helps network operators, device manufacturers, component providers and application developers meet the challenges of an increasingly complex mobile and wireless world. Using TestQuest solutions, companies reduce test cycle times, improve test accuracy, collaborate to accelerate new products to market and ensure a quality end-user experience. TestQuest is a private company headquartered in San Mateo, CA with offices throughout the world.