Enea Powers Over 200 Million New Mobile Handsets in 2006

Enea (Stockholm: ENEA.ST), a world leader in software platforms for next generation networks, announced that in 2006, the world’s major mobile handset manufacturers shipped over 200 million multimedia devices powered by Enea software. To mark this important milestone for the telecom industry, Enea will present a commemorative phone and display to the National Museum of Science and Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.

“This is a major milestone in the mobile phone industry,” said Virginia Walker, senior vice president of corporate strategy and marketing at Enea. “No other software company in the world is part of more mobile phones than is Enea today.” Walker also notes that 2006 was a pivot point for the mobile phone market. “In the past, consumers expected their handsets to deliver basic digital content, such as SMS messages, email and digital photographs,” she said. “Going forward, the ability to reliably deliver a high quality, converged multimedia experience will be the new benchmark for success.”

Enea provides the software infrastructure that enables both handset manufacturers and associated network equipment manufacturers to quickly and cost effectively deliver the converged services that are transforming how people access and experience film, TV, and music. In 2006, about half of all multimedia enabled handsets worldwide were powered by Enea software, with nearly one million Enea-enabled handsets delivered to end users every business day.

About Enea
Enea (Stockholm: ENEA.ST) is the leading supplier of real-time operating systems, middleware, development tools, database technology and professional services for high-availability systems such as telecommunications infrastructure, mobile devices, medical instrumentation, and automobile control/infotainment. Enea’s flagship operating system, OSE(TM), is deployed in approximately half of the world’s 3G mobile phones and base stations. Enea has over 500 employees and is listed on the Nordic Exchange.

OSE is a registered trademark of Enea AB or its subsidiaries.