Ikivo Creates Open Standards Tools for Rich Media Services

Ikivo AB, the leading provider of standards based rich media software for mobile devices announces the Ikivo IDE and the Ikivo CDK. These tools, which form part of the Ikivo Enrich product family, further extend the tool portfolio available to developers to deploy rich media services based on open standards.

The Ikivo Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a powerful environment for the development of scripted mobile applications based on Eclipse and SVG Tiny. It provides a complete environment for developing, debugging and testing ECMAScript with SVG Tiny content.

Ikivo IDE is integrated with Ikivo Animator and is therefore a natural extension to the current Mobile Design Workflow. The Ikivo IDE will be available to purchase in March.

The Ikivo Content Development Kit (CDK) enables the design and deployment of professional, animated rich media content based on SVG Tiny for mass-market mobile phones. It encompasses a set of tools ideal for any content designer creating and deploying rich media content for mobile phones. The Ikivo CDK is free of charge and will be available for download in March.

The Ikivo CDK provides integrated rich text support which gives designers the option to use TrueType(R) fonts within the design workflow for more creative flexibility, while Monotype Imaging’s iType(R) font engine delivers scalable, high-quality type at small text sizes.

“This is a great opportunity for mobile content designers. Through our close partnership with Ikivo, a selection from Monotype Imaging’s ESQ(R) Mobile font collection will be accessible from the CDK for evaluation by developers and designers. They will now be able to include scalable, stylistic, mobile-ready fonts within applications, services, games and content,” said John Seguin, EVP of Monotype Imaging.

Brad Sipes, CTO at Ikivo commenting on the new product release, said “We are committed to enhancing and developing tools to support the creation of rich media content based on Mobile SVG. These tools will greatly assist content and application developers in creating and deploying new and exciting mobile services.”

About Ikivo AB
Ikivo AB is instrumental in driving industry standards and in helping to shape the future of mobile rich media services worldwide. As a pioneer of software solutions for Mobile SVG, Ikivo has become the leading supplier of standards based rich media solutions for mass market and OpenOS mobile phones. Its range of products, the Ikivo Enrich Product portfolio, empowers mobile device manufacturers, mobile operators and content creators to develop and deploy compelling rich media services. From content creation through to handset display, Ikivo’s solutions are used to support a wide range of mobile services from Interactive Mobile TV, Mobile portals and music. Ikivo is an active member of the W3C and Khronos Group.

ESQ and iType are trademarks of Monotype Imaging Inc. registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and may be registered in certain jurisdictions. TrueType is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.