Portalify Receives Mobile Data Messaging Patent

Portalify Ltd, a leading provider of mobile data messaging technology for public safety users, announced that it has been issued United States patent 7,127,494 on its key technology for making the development of mobile data services easier. The same technology has previously won patent protection in Finland.

Using the patented technology, Portalify Data Messaging Server integrates information from multiple data sources, such as web servers, databases, location servers and proprietary applications, and intelligently processes it for transmission to field personnel. For example, the Finnish Police Force apprehends many more people with outstanding warrants in routine traffic controls as a result of more thorough background checks made possible by Portalify technology.

Reliable, secure data messaging solutions help field organizations operate more smoothly, utilize their resources and information sources better, save costs, and reengineer processes for maximum efficiency. Since its launch in 2000, Portalify Data Messaging Server has been used in a number of countries for mission-critical communications with public safety organizations as well as major telecom operators and content providers. The software has a proven track record of high capacity and continuous uptime in both commercial GSM networks and demanding TETRA applications.

“We are very pleased about the patent protection for our data messaging technology. Portalify is dedicated to creating advanced solutions with practical benefits for our customers, and our growing intellectual property portfolio ensures Portalify’s continued leadership in this area,” said Hannu Aronsson, CTO, Portalify Ltd.

Portalify applications for mobile networks enable services such as instant individual and group text messaging, image distribution, integrated mobile access to key databases, and location tracking of mobile terminals. The underlying technology enables the same applications to be used on all messaging-capable mobile networks, including TETRA and GSM, thus allowing all safety users to communicate reliably, irrespective of the technology used by each organization.

About Portalify
Portalify Ltd is a Finland-based software company focused on wireless data services for public safety users. Portalify solutions for TETRA networks enable services such as instant individual and group text messaging, as well as fast mobile access to key databases regardless of user location. Multi-channel technology complements TETRA communications with other mobile networks where necessary, thus ensuring that the information is always delivered. In Finland, Portalify solutions power numerous key applications used daily by police officers in the field. Other Portalify customers include public sector organizations such as safety, fire and rescue services, as well as major telecom operators and content providers. Based in Helsinki, Finland, Portalify is an independent, growing company rated AAA by Dun&Bradstreet.

TErrestrial Trunked RAdio (TETRA) is a digital trunked radio standard developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) for highly demanding professional mobile radio applications. TETRA networks, used in over 70 countries, are built to replace a range of obsolete and insecure radio communications systems previously used by public safety and government organizations. With its unique combination of mobile phone and radio handset technology, combined with wireless data services, TETRA safeguards reliable voice and data communications for public safety officials in all situations. Versatile, instant voice and data communication to groups, as well as the prioritization of communications, are essential to field personnel and operations management in fast-moving situations. Direct handset-to-handset radio connections enable communication even without a base station network, while data services provide users with quick and direct access to key databases from their terminals.