Mentor Connects Developers to SPI Bus with Nucleus SPI Software

Mentor Graphics Corporation (NASDAQ: MENT) announced that the Nucleus(r) Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) software is now available for embedded systems developers requiring access to on-board peripherals connected via the SPI bus. Device manufacturers are always looking for ways to lower costs, and the SPI (pronounced “spy”) bus meets the connection needs of many embedded devices at a lower cost than competing technologies.

Today’s consumer electronic devices utilize a broad set of peripherals such as converters, memory chips, real-time clocks, sensors and more. The SPI bus allows for cost-effective communication between internal and external peripherals as well as between multiple central processing units (CPUs).

“We’ve had a growing number of customers ask for SPI support. Our customers want the same thing we do—to reduce the overall complexity of their final solution,” said Glen Johnson, marketing director, Embedded Systems Division, Mentor Graphics. “Our Nucleus SPI software does exactly that.”

The Nucleus SPI software provides embedded developers with flexible and easy-to-use mechanisms to access the SPI bus. The software was architected so that it abstracts all the common functionality into one component in order to make it easy to port to new processors, and easily add support for new SPI controllers. The Nucleus SPI software is easy to configure and use, and enables master/slave communication with full duplex, as well as synchronous data transfer between the master and slave devices on the bus. Used together, the Nucleus SPI software and the Nucleus Operating System (OS) give developers a complete, integrated communication solution for SPI-enabled devices, allowing companies to get their products to market faster.

Pricing and Availability
The Nucleus embedded software is sold in source code format and without royalty fees. Licenses for the Nucleus SPI software begin at U.S. $7,495. For more information, please contact Mentor Graphics’ embedded systems division at 800-468-6853 or

About Mentor Graphics
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