NXP Introduces Nexperia Cellular Linux System for 3G Handsets

NXP, the newly independent semiconductor company founded by Philips, announced the availability of the Linux open source operating system for its 3G mobile phone system solution. Working in collaboration with Purple Labs, a French design company offering fully integrated solutions for mobile communication products, NXP has launched the Nexperia(TM) cellular system solution 7210 with Linux for 3G handsets. Not having the additional cost and complexity of integrating a dedicated application processor, manufacturers will be able to enjoy the time-to-market advantages of using a high level operating system. Operators will also be able to provide a stable and powerful, yet cost effective platform to offer new connected services.

The NXP Nexperia cellular system solution 7210 is a powerful dual-mode UMTS multimedia platform running on a single-core ARM9 for the 3G mobile feature-phone market. By offering a Linux-based platform on a single core, the Nexperia cellular system solution 7210 gives greater flexibility, allowing easy development and upgrades. The choice of offering an open source operating system gives this flexibility without increase of cost.

"Linux is gaining ground in the mobile-handset space due to the benefits it brings to manufacturers and operators and eventually also to the end consumers," said Michel Windal, marketing director, Mobile & Personal Business Unit, NXP Semiconductors. "Linux motivates developers to generate and share new vibrant media applications such as games, advanced music players and intuitive TV-on-mobile, offering greater benefits to the end user and allowing for differentiation for both manufacturers and operators."

"The Open Source platform supports interoperability across the various brands of handset devices," said Dennis O’Donovan, managing director, Purple Labs, "Linux lends itself well to modular design by offering OEMs a flexible and powerful operating system, resulting in the easier development of new applications. Today’s end-users demand feature-rich, compact and cost competitive handsets, but will not compromise on core features such as low-power consumption and high performance, and the Nexperia cellular system solution 7210 with Linux easily enables manufacturers to meet these needs."

Following comprehensive testing and certification, the Nexperia cellular system solution 7210 with Linux ensures interoperability with all major operator networks, which dramatically cuts development cost and speeds up time to market.

The Nexperia cellular system solution 7210 with Linux supports "true UMTS" performance, delivering seamless service coverage in 2G and 3G networks as well as an advanced level of multimedia features that allow to take full advantage of the 3G possibilities. Purple Labs offers a complete Linux software suite running on top of a Linux 2.6 kernel.

The Nexperia cellular system solution 7210 for Linux will be demonstrated at the 3GSM World Congress, at the NXP booth (Hall 8, booth 110). The solution is available immediately through Purple Labs. Mass production is expected to start during the second half of 2007.

About NXP
NXP is a top 10 semiconductor company founded by Philips more than 50 years ago. Headquartered in Europe, the company has 37,000 employees working in 26 countries across the world. NXP creates semiconductors, system solutions and software that deliver better sensory experiences in mobile phones, personal media players, TVs, set-top boxes, identification applications, cars and a wide range of other electronic devices.

About Purple Labs
Purple Labs is a design company founded in 2001 and based in the south of France. It is part of Vitelcom Mobile Technology group, the Spanish mobile phone manufacturer that recently licensed the exclusive rights to Grundig mobile brand. The company offers fully integrated solutions for handset designs. Its comprehensive solutions (from entry level to smartphone) allow both network operators and phone manufacturers to quickly address market demands and segment their offer. Purple Labs expertise includes definition, design, development and validation of products (hardware, software and integration). In addition, it covers complete user interface customisation and manufacturing support. Working with pre-defined but modular platforms, Purple Labs enables its customers to deliver cost-effective and state-of-the-art mobile handsets within an optimised lead time.