Catalyst Systems Corporation Changes Name to OpenMake Software

To mark a new stage in company growth and acknowledge enhanced market opportunities, Catalyst Systems Corporation announced that it is changing the company’s name to OpenMake Software. Catalyst was founded in 1995, and its flagship product, OpenMake, was created to help software development teams simplify and automate the build-to-release process.

Application development and configuration management professionals are faced with multiple challenges in delivering high-quality software using repeatable processes. Enterprise teams have the increasingly difficult tasks of defining and implementing repeatable processes across software versions, integrating those processes with existing tools, optimizing builds across platforms, and maintaining an accurate audit trail of software artifacts. Overcoming these challenges is essential to optimizing lifecycle processes and meeting the growing burden of regulatory requirements.

“More stringent audit requirements and growing regulatory pressures are reaching into the IT and application development environments like never before,” said Ron Exler, vice president and research fellow at the Robert Frances Group. “Scrutiny from inside and outside of enterprises forces openness and efficiencies in this complex environment that can only result from consistency in the build-to-release process.”

“Our flagship product OpenMake has tremendous brand presence, not just for delivering market-leading technology, but it also captures the quality of our company, its people and the way in which we care for our customers. It makes sense for us to associate these attributes at the company level by changing our name,” said Stephen King, OpenMake’s new CEO.

OpenMake’s unique, traceable and auditable dependency analysis solution validates matching sources to production executables. OpenMake expands the use of the PERL language, allowing developers to create reusable, collaborative build-to-release processes that can be shared and used by everyone.

About OpenMake Software
OpenMake Software, formerly Catalyst Systems Corporation, specializes in the design and implementation of reliable and repeatable application build-to-release processes. OpenMake Software generates reusable, audit-conforming builds in languages such as Java (ANT), PERL and RAD. With more than 35,000 users worldwide, OpenMake Software is the leading provider of Enterprise build-to-release software for global 2000 organizations since 1995. OpenMake Software is a member of the Eclipse Foundation, and Serena Software, MKS and CA are among their reseller partners.

OpenMake is a registered trademark of OpenMake Software.

North American Sales Contact: OpenMake Software, 81 David Love Place, #210, Santa Barbara, CA 93117, Tel: 805-696-6866, Toll Free 800.359.8049, Extension 117, Fax: 312-440-9543, Email: