AM3D 3D Mobile Products Available for Tensilica HiFi 2 Audio Engine

Tensilica(R), Inc. and AM3D A/S announced that AM3D’s Zirene(R) Audio Enhancement and Diesel Power Mobile(TM) 3D Audio products are now available for Tensilica’s HiFi 2 Audio Engine and Diamond Standard 330HiFi processor core. Tensilica’s HiFi 2 Audio Engine with AM3D’s 3D audio will be demonstrated at the 3GSM Conference in Barcelona February 12-15 in Hall 2, Level 1, booths 2.1A67 (Tensilica) and 2.1B72 (AM3D).

“AM3D’s 3D audio products provide outstanding audio quality, 3D and special effects for mobile phones and portable music players,” stated Larry Przywara, Tensilica’s director of mobile multimedia products. “By adding AM3D’s audio software to our HiFi 2 product line, we can provide one programmable engine that runs all of the best-in-class audio software.”

“Tensilica’s HiFi 2 Audio Engine is becoming the de facto processor core for mobile multimedia,” stated Sven Vestergaard, CEO at AM3D. “Now Tensilica’s customers will be able to provide true 3D audio and quality sound in a very low-power, low-area solution.”

Zirene(R) Audio Enhancement
AM3D’s Zirene(R) product, includes features such as Stereo Widening, Power Bass, Equalization, Reverb and Virtually 5.1 Surround sound, creates a broad and spacious sound image, available through mobile device speakers and headsets. AM3D’s patented 3D Audio technology combined with an in-depth knowledge of psychoacoustics lets people listen to music with an overwhelming 3D audio experience incorporating a broad and spacious sound image.

Diesel Power Mobile(TM) – 3D Audio Game Engine
Diesel Power Mobile(TM) is a true 3D Audio gaming engine giving the player a feeling of being in the real environment while playing. Diesel Power Mobile(TM) is compliant to key customers’ demands and market trends such as Vodafone VFX(R) and JSR-234.

HiFi 2 Audio Engine
Tensilica’s HiFi 2 Audio Engine is a fully programmable processor core that can easily be designed into a SOC (system-on-chip) to provide high-quality 24-bit audio at low power in a small area. It features a complete line of audio codecs for multiple audio standards.

About AM3D
AM3D is a leading global supplier of 3D audio technology. The technology is found in PC-games, mobile phones, PDAs, and mission critical applications like flight simulators and F-16 jets. AM3D is part of Nordjyske Holding. The group has a history dating back to 1767. The group has over 1000 people employed in the fields of newspapers, radio, television, call centers, new media research and development. For further information, please contact Hans Christian Løgsted at +45 99349836 or

About Tensilica
Tensilica, Inc., is the recognized leader in configurable processor technology and has leveraged that technology to become the leading supplier of licensable controllers and DSP cores for mobile audio and video applications. Tensilica offers the broadest line of controller, CPU, network, and specialty DSP processors on the market today – including full software toolchain and modeling support – in both an off-the-shelf format via the Diamond Standard Series cores and with full designer configurability with the Xtensa processor family. The modern design behind all of Tensilica’s processor cores provide semiconductor companies and system OEMs with the lowest power, smallest area solutions for high-volume products including mobile phones and other consumer electronics, networking and telecommunications equipment, and computer peripherals.

Tensilica and Xtensa are registered trademarks belonging to Tensilica Inc. Diesel Power FX Player and Zirene are registered trademarks belonging to AM3D.