Emerson to Host MicroTCA System Management, Video Conferencing Demos

Emerson Network Power’s (NYSE: EMR) new Embedded Computing business, formerly Artesyn Communication Products, announced that it will be hosting MicroTCA system management and videoconferencing demos at 3GSM featuring a complete ecosystem of interoperable MicroTCA products from multiple suppliers.

The demo, utilizing Emerson’s EMC6200 MicroTCA system, will feature technologies from other Emerson business units, including Knürr, Leibert and Astec/Artesyn. The demo will also showcase technologies from Emerson’s MicroTCA Partners, including GE Fanuc, Interphase, Intel, Surf, SANBlaze, BittWare, XES and Pigeon Point.

“MicroTCA is fast emerging as the preferred platform for deploying wireless basestation (WiMAX and 3G), IMS, MSPP and GPON applications with tight space and cost constraints,” said Todd Wynia, vice president of product management for Emerson’s new Embedded Computing business. “The MicroTCA spec was just ratified six months ago, and already, equipment makers have access to the critical mass of interoperable off-the-shelf products they need to build production systems.”

Emerson’s system management and videoconferencing demonstrations will feature two fully populated 12-slot chassis housed in an Emerson EMC6200 MicroTCA system, which will be equipped with a MicroTCA Carrier Hub (MCH), power supply, application/protocol processing module, and platform management software. Emerson’s KosaiPM module will provide control, protocol and application processing for the system. The system will also include a variety of line interface options (optical, Ethernet, T1/E1), storage, DSP-based media processing, video conferencing, and WiMAX baseband processing.

The KosaiPM will run Emerson’s new IPMI-based SpiderWareM3 shelf management software. Through the SpiderWareM3 GUI, visitors to the Emerson booth will be able to view the system inventory and status for each blade. They will also be able to view FRU (field replaceable unit) data for key physical system health characteristics such as voltages, alarms, fan speeds, temperatures, and power supply status.

The KosaiPM will also run the application software for the videoconferencing demo. In this demo, the MicroTCA system will act as a videoconferencing gateway for a pair of videophones. The system will also stream video to the phones. Surf’s DSP-based media processing blade will provide audio/video mixing. The SANBlaze blade will provide data storage for the streaming video.

“Emerson’s open architecture blades and systems provide an excellent platform for our AdvancedMC and PTMC DSP media processing farms,” said Amir Zmora, vice president of business development at Surf. “The integrated solution provides a comprehensive, high-availability, high-density hardware and software infrastructure subsystem that greatly reduces time to market for telecom equipment manufacturers.”

“Pigeon Point Systems is pleased that Emerson and its partners are using our proven hardware platform management solutions for their MicroTCA demo at 3GSM,” said Mark Overgaard, president of Pigeon Point Systems. “Our collaboration with Emerson on hardware platform management components has been very effective, extending beyond MicroTCA to all of Emerson’s AdvancedMC and AdvancedTCA products.”

“MicroTCA is by far the most compelling system platform to emerge in a long time,” stated Ron Huizen, VP of product development for BittWare. “With its inherent scalability, low overhead, and path to ruggedization, MicroTCA can not only serve the complex communications market, but also has the potential to cross over into industrial, military, and aerospace applications “BittWare is very excited to be working with Emerson on bringing this groundbreaking new technology to market.”

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