ScratchGard Screen Protectors Offer Invisible Protection

ScratchGard Overseas, a fully owned subsidiary of Scratchgard UK, launched Scratchgard(TM) Screen Protector kits. Scratchgard screen protectors are made using propriety technology and laser cut process. The easy to install adhesive film protects delicate, and often expensive, displays on screen input devices that are subject to heavy usage.

ScratchGard is popular for its Ultra High Clarity, “Real Touch” Pressure sensitivity, Clear Distortion Free, 99% UV Light Rejection, Anti-Static and Natural Adhesion properties. Established in 2005, the UK based ScratchGard, Indian operations already has established 7 offices across the country servicing over 2000 retail customers in India. ScratchGard custom cut film-protects over 25 brands electronic handheld devices.

Speaking at the launch Rahul Bathija, Managing Director, Said “The ScratchGard is invisible and quite simple to install. It is designed for a range of electronic products and can provide protection from something as relatively simple as a dot of dust on the tip of a stylus that can scratch a screen, to the daily wear and tear.” Available in an array of shapes ScratchGard fit Cell Phones, iPods, PDAs, digital cameras, MP3 Players, LCDs and many more electronic accessories.

ScratchGard is a combination of ‘Sheen, Strength and Toughness,’ and an incredibly robust film, with good bonding and releasing properties and I think that’s what generates interest for electronic device owners right away,” the company’s CEO, Kiran Chanchani, said after a demonstration showing the difficulty of poking a pen through a strip of ScratchGard. “Compared to a regular screen protector, it’s virtually invincible and does not distort original vision.

The UK based ScratchGard firm currently operates in India, Middle-East and America.