Over 150 Million Ikivo Mobile SVG Clients Ship Worldwide

Ikivo AB, the leading provider of SVG software solutions for mobile devices announced that their Mobile SVG clients have been shipped in more than 150 million devices worldwide and estimate that more than 225 million devices with Mobile SVG Tiny clients have been shipped globally.

“Ikivo is outpacing the perennial growth in Mobile Devices by growing 50% in units shipped with our Mobile SVG Tiny technology over the last 6 months” says Stefan Elmstedt, CEO at Ikivo. “New Rich Media services such as Mobile TV, Music and On Device portals are rapidly being developed and deployed using Mobile SVG Tiny. We also see new innovative services on the desktop such as the JOOST(TM) service from the founders of Skype(TM) which uses SVG for their UI instead of using proprietary desktop technologies like Flash. This is all very encouraging.”

Ikivo has been instrumental in developing the SVG Tiny 1.2 specification in its role as author and editor of the specification. This has enabled Ikivo to release a new version of its flagship product, the Ikivo Multimedia SVG Player that fully supports the new specification and more.

Ikivo’s Mobile SVG based products enable developers and Mobile Operators to build rich multimedia applications utilizing the full strength of Mobile SVG. In combination with commercially available content design and development tools, such as Ikivo Animator, Java Netbeans and Adobe Creative Suite 2. Mobile SVG offers the most capable and fastest growing 2D graphical technology for the mobile world.

About Ikivo AB.
Ikivo AB is instrumental in driving industry standards and in helping to shape the future of mobile rich media services worldwide. As a pioneer of software solutions for Mobile SVG, Ikivo has become the leading supplier of standards based rich media solutions for mass market and OpenOS mobile phones. Its range of products, the Ikivo Enrich Product portfolio, empowers mobile device manufacturers, mobile operators and content creators to develop and deploy compelling rich media services. From content creation through to handset display, Ikivo’s solutions are used to support a wide range of mobile services from Interactive Mobile TV, Mobile portals and music. Ikivo is an active member of the W3C and Khronos Group.