Fabric Embedded Tools Acquires RIOLAB

Tundra Semiconductor Corporation (TSX:TUN), the leader in System Interconnect, and Fabric Embedded Tools Corporation (FET), the leading provider of RapidIO(R) software and tools, announced that FET has acquired the business and operations of RIOLAB(TM), the world’s first RapidIO Interoperability testing facility.

RIOLAB was established by Tundra in February 2006 as an independent facility designed to give commercial semiconductor vendors, FPGA and ASIC developers, and OEMs, the ability to validate interoperability of their products and test for specification compliance. The transfer of RIOLAB to FET marks the early achievement of a significant RIOLAB milestone – to transition the lab within 12 to 18 months of operation to a qualified independent third-party vendor within the ecosystem – a goal set when Tundra originally established the facility. From its inception, FET has provided its expertise to the development of the lab’s interoperability test infrastructure making this transition a natural evolution for RIOLAB and its customers. As part of the transition, RIOLAB will relocate to a new facility in Ottawa, Ontario at 349 Terry Fox Drive, and will resume full operations by the end of February 2007.

“In starting RIOLAB, Tundra again demonstrated RapidIO leadership, and filled an important need to have an independent test facility focused on device interoperability and specification compliance within the RapidIO ecosystem,” said Tom Cox, executive director of the RapidIO Trade Association. “With FET, an expert in the embedded test marketplace, RIOLAB will be well-equipped to continue providing state-of-the-art testing as RapidIO technology continues to be embraced as the standard in a wide range of embedded markets.”

RIOLAB was designed to provide graduated levels of interoperability that align with both the RapidIO specification and the needs of silicon vendors and OEMs. The interoperability tests build on the RapidIO Trade Association’s Device Interoperability and Certification Checklists which were developed for ecosystem members. Currently tests are available for Device Interoperability Levels – DIL-1, DIL-2, and DIL-3. RIOLAB will continue to add to its capabilities as the market develops, testing needs mature and the specification evolves.

Vendors interested in RapidIO interoperability testing and booking a test reservation can contact RIOLAB through FET by calling +1 613 271-9636, or sending an email to info@rio-lab.com.

RIOLAB is a state-of-the-art RapidIO interoperability testing facility that provides device interoperability and specification compliance reports that meet the growing needs of silicon vendors and OEMs designing with RapidIO technology.

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Fabric Embedded Tools Corporation (FET) is the leading provider of RapidIO software, network management and diagnostic tools. The company delivers innovative solutions that shorten product development and testing cycles, and are key to reducing technology risks and time-to-market. Through its unwavering commitment to delivering powerful, time-saving tools and services, excellence in customer support, and strong partner relationships, FET meets the needs of semiconductor vendors, single board computer vendors, and OEMs across the embedded industry.

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