Measurement Computing Releases USB Counter-Timer Modules

Measurement Computing Corporation, the market leader in low-cost data acquisition, announced the release of two new counter/timer devices for the USB bus. The USB-4301 is a 5-channel, 16-bit counter/timer with one 8-bit dedicated input port, and one 8-bit dedicated output port. It is based on the powerful 9513 series chip. The USB-4303 is a 10-channel version, based on two 9513 series chips. The new products emulate Measurement Computing’s reliable PCI-CTR05 and PCI-CTR10 counter/timer classics.

Measurement Computing USB Counter-Timer Modules

The USB-4301 and USB-4303 come packaged in an impact resistant ABS plastic enclosure, measuring a mere 5 inches (127 mm) long, by 3.5 inches (88.9 mm) wide, by 0.4 inches (35.56 mm) high. Each module has two rows of 24 clearly labeled screw terminals for convenient wiring both in the lab or in the field.

Bill Kennedy, Measurement Computing’s vice president of marketing and sales, said, “The USB-4300 series will provide our current PCI and ISA counter customers with an easy entry into USB connectivity. As labs and test facilities replace aging equipment, the USB port is rapidly becoming the bus of choice. We are also providing powerful applications and source code for the most widely used counter applications: event counting, frequency measurement, square wave generation, single-shot pulse generation, and pulse width modulation. Our solutions will save customers time and money.”

Measurement Computing Corporation is the data acquisition market leader in the design and manufacture of low-priced, computer-based, test and measurement hardware and software. Numerous hardware product offerings for analog input, analog output and digital I/O devices support USB, Ethernet, PCI, ISA, PCMCIA, and PC/104 buses. Serial and GPIB interfaces along with remote dataloggers complete the DAQ and Test & Measurement offerings. Software solutions for the programmer and non-programmer alike are offered as well as drivers for popular graphical programming languages like LabVIEW. The company, founded in 1989, markets its products throughout the world.

Product Price and Status
USB-4301: $249.00 – Shipping now
USB-4303: $349.00 – Shipping now