Barric Offers Cable Assembly Production Services

Contract electronics manufacturer, Barric, have announced that they will now be providing a service for the production of high quality ‘cable assemblies’ and ‘cable harnesses’. Cable assemblies are essential components for electronic and electrical goods and play a critical role in the long-term performance and reliability of modern equipment. Barric have been manufacturing cable assemblies for many years, as a part of the complete electronic product manufacturing service that they provide to clients across Europe and the US. These products range from safety critical marine systems to terabyte hard disk storage equipment for the broadcast industry.

Cable Assembly

“Although our main focus is the high speed manufacturing of surface mount electronics and BGA placement, increasingly we have been manufacturing complete products for a number of our clients,” said Mike Bayley, Director of Business Development at Barric. “This has involved a lot of investment in cable manufacturing machinery and engineering staff. In fact, two of our engineers previously worked for a leading supplier of cable assemblies to the motor sport sector, so we now have a great deal of expertise in this area.”

Barric currently manufacture a broad range of signal and data cables for both the internal wiring of electronic equipment, as well as for external connections to other systems. They also manufacture cable harnesses for complex power supplies and motor control within electronic systems.

“With over 20 years experience of manufacturing electronics, we understand more than most what an important role a cable assembly can play in ensuring a system is successful in the field,” said Mike. “As with everything else we do, we take the manufacturing of cable assemblies very seriously and look to provide a consistently high quality of product as well as working closely with our clients at all stages of the design to ensure the design is optimised for manufacturability as well as reliability. With so much expertise and experience available to us in this area of electronics, we have decided that this is a service we should open up as a stand alone part of our business.”

About Barric
Barric manufacture electronic products for large and small companies across the world. With 20 years of experience, investment and success, Barric are very much leaders in this field. Equipped with the latest surface mount manufacturing equipment, hi-tech inspection technology and a team of expert engineers, Barric works closely with ‘cutting edge’ development companies from early stage design right through to volume shipment. Whether it is simply the production of electronic assemblies or complete product manufacture, Barric provide one of the best facilities available in Europe.