OKI Debuts One Time Programmable Memory-Equipped Voice Synthesis LSI

Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. (TOKYO:6703) released the OTP (One Time Programmable) memory-equipped voice synthesis LSI, “ML22P80X Series,” which enables customers to write voice data directly to the chip through a specific tool, and to develop various industrial-use devices where only a few units are required of each of numerous different types. Because the voice data can be written in the field, this capability contributes to shortening the delivery time and facilitating the development of sample products. OKI also succeeded in reducing the space by half, compared to the previous LSI.

“Now that we provide a voice LSI with P2ROM(TM) and OTP memory, customers can choose which memory to use depending on their situation. We believe this helps both existing customers and new customers to easily include high-quality voice functions into their products,” said Masahiko Morioka, President of Silicon Solutions Company at Oki Electric Industry. “As the top share holder in the voice LSI market in Japan, OKI plans to utilize its abundant voice technology assets, know-how we have accumulated over 20 years, and excellent customer support that is committed to voice quality, and continue to provide solutions that are user-friendly and offer added value.”

With the new series, OKI succeeded in including the circuits for OTP memory, analog, and voice synthesis all in a single chip. This solves the problem of low voice quality. In addition, by including OTP memory to record voice data, customers can develop and test the product while writing the voice data onto the chip. Once the data is fixed, customers can write five ICs at once, through “ML22808 Parawriter,” a voice data writing tool. This enables customers to develop products which involve small lots but a variety of types and to provide sample products easily. For more information please contact a sales representative.

The ML22P80X Series includes three products: the 2Mbit “ML22P802,” the 4Mbit “ML22P804,” and the 8Mbit “ML22P808.” The product is fully compatible with ML2280X Series, OKI’s P2ROM-equipped voice LSIs. This enables customers to choose the ML22P80X Series for small-lot applications, or the ML2280X Series for over 500 units, in which OKI will write the data and ship the product.

About Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
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