Encirq Offers Free DeviceSQL Quick Start Suite for Device Data Management

Encirq Corporation, the global leader in device data management and the creator of DeviceSQL(TM), announced the immediate availability of the DeviceSQL Quick Start Suite, a freely downloadable version of DeviceSQL coupled with an interactive, on-line tutorial to help embedded software engineers learn and use more efficient, best practice-based approaches for managing data in their device software applications.

The DeviceSQL Quick Start Suite combines the industry’s highest performing device data management technology with an interactive, self-paced tutorial. The tutorial steps users through a primer on device data management, exercises with example code and a demo application, and helps them employ advanced, resource-efficient techniques for manipulating and managing device data. The DeviceSQL Quick Start Suite is a self-contained environment and provides users with everything they need to design and build device applications with the DeviceSQL framework.

“We are delighted to share DeviceSQL with the worldwide community of device software engineers,” said Eugene Buechele, CTO at Encirq. “The Quick Start Suite makes it simple to learn advanced, yet easy-to-use approaches for managing data, while familiarizing users with the control and performance they achieve using DeviceSQL. This allows developers to easily self-educate, evaluate and build prototype solutions, resulting in dramatic proof points, all without risking an investment in new software.”

Users of the DeviceSQL Quick Start Suite also gain access to the DevZone area on the Encirq website. In the DevZone, developers are able to participate in community-based forums, get tips and pointers from Encirq data management experts and access additional technical resources.

Pricing and Availability
The DeviceSQL Quick Start Suite is free of charge and available for immediate download from the Encirq website. The DeviceSQL Quick Start Suite provides users with a perpetual, non-commercial use license for Windows environments. Once developers are ready to deploy their solutions for a non-Windows device platform or for commercial use, they can obtain the appropriate DeviceSQL Platform Environment along with DeviceSQL commercial-use licenses by contacting Encirq or an authorized DeviceSQL distributor.

About Encirq DeviceSQL
DeviceSQL is a next-generation software development framework for designing and building the high performance data management components and solutions needed for today’s advanced, intelligent, software-driven devices. It consists of the DeviceSQL programming language, development and prototyping tools, starter applications and performance-tuned service libraries to provide an ultra-efficient, ultra-flexible runtime environment for virtually any target operating system and CPU. DeviceSQL enhances even the most resource-constrained products with support for multiple data management methods, including advanced streams processing capabilities and virtually unlimited storage options. DeviceSQL works together with most popular development environments and tools and integrates easily with existing device software applications.

About Encirq
Encirq Corporation is the global leader in device data management software and the creator of DeviceSQL(TM). Encirq enables companies in the wireless, consumer electronics and in-vehicle infotainment markets to manage device data more efficiently to increase their products’ performance, intelligence and usability. DeviceSQL accelerates the delivery of new device functionality, improved services, innovative business models and compelling user experiences all while improving performance, optimizing system resources and reducing costs. Encirq partners with companies around the globe to transform their businesses and industries. With headquarters in Silicon Valley and regional headquarters in Tokyo, Encirq has offices and distributors around the globe.