Transystem Integrates NemeriX Chipsets into i-Blue Wireless GPS Receiver

NemeriX, a leading fabless semiconductor company specialising in ultra low power semiconductors and solutions for GPS and location-based services, announced that TransystemInc., has incorporated NemeriX’s GPS chipsets into its i-Blue Wireless GPS Receiver.

The i-Blue Model 727 is a cost-effective, portable GPS receiver that sits on the dashboard of automobiles, and connects to laptops or PDAs via Bluetooth technology to provide comprehensive LBS services. Its performance is enhanced by NemeriX’s 42 channel architecture, which delivers world-class GPS time-to-first-fix times in cold start mode. Powered by NemeriX technology, the Transystem i-Blue GPS receiver consumes 40 per cent less power than other wireless GPS receivers, and extends its operating time for more than 27 hours.

The i-Blue 727 model features the NemeriX NJ2020 hosted GPS baseband processor, which combines unmatched power, performance and accuracy, with one of the industry’s smallest form factors, which utilises the memory and processor resources already available on the host platform of the wireless i-Blue receiver. As a result, the i-Blue GPS receiver is one of the highest performing, consumer-graded GPS receivers in the market today.

“NemeriX is enabling a new class of Bluetooth-based GPS applications and the i-Blue GPS receivers combine amazing performance with efficiency that enables them to run for days, as opposed to hours,” said Lew Boore, Vice President of Marketing for NemeriX. “NemeriX has built its reputation by providing the GPS industry’s smallest and most efficient chipsets, and we’re thrilled to continue our previous work with Transystem by powering their i-Blue offerings.”

“We’ve selected the NemeriX baseband processors for a number of reasons, including performance; minimal power requirements; the ease with which they can be integrated into the i-Blue family, and ultimately, because of the overall value they provide,” said Casber Hsiao, Director of Sales & Marketing for Transystem, Inc. “By leveraging NemeriX’s innovative technology, we’re able to deliver the industry’s best-performing GPS receivers to our customers.”

About NemeriX
Founded in April 2002, NemeriX S.A. (Manno, Switzerland) is a venture-backed fabless semiconductor company specializing in ultra low power GPS and LBS integrated circuits, software and firmware for GPS and wireless applications. NemeriX’s devices enable battery­ powered location determination anywhere, anytime, facilitating the design and manufacture of truly differentiated products for both consumer and professional markets.