EMA Acquires TimingDesigner, Chronology from Forte Design Systems

EMA Design Automation(TM), a full-service provider of Electronic Design Automation (EDA) solutions, announced that it has acquired the Chronology(R) Division of Forte Design Systems, which includes the TimingDesigner(R) product line. “This acquisition is in line with our goal to provide complete and comprehensive EDA solutions to Cadence(R) customers,” said Manny Marcano, president and CEO of EMA Design Automation. “By owning the technology, we now have better control over its future direction and integration with our core product offerings.”

TimingDesigner is the interactive timing analysis tool users trust to deliver fast and accurate results for timing critical designs. It is ideal for high-speed, multi-frequency designs where it is essential to accurately model and analyze signal relationships between devices on a board or between embedded functions on an ASIC or programmable IC. TimingDesigner can evaluate comprehensive sets of timing alternatives and provide direction to the most complex of timing challenges, enabling designers to manage and monitor timing margins through the design process.

“TimingDesigner has been the standard for interactive timing analysis for more than 15 years,” said Mike Meredith, Chronology Corporation founder and vice president of technical marketing at Forte. “The synergy between TimingDesigner and the EMA portfolio of Cadence products and services creates a great opportunity for the Chronology team to continue to improve the product and add value for its loyal customers.”

The most recent release of TimingDesigner provides enhanced interfaces for board-level designers using Cadence OrCAD(R) Capture and Cadence Allegro(R) PCB design tools. Users can import EDIF files from OrCAD Capture to automate the creation of design components and ports for new projects within TimingDesigner, resulting in substantial time savings. In addition, TimingDesigner offers a seamless way to import net propagation delay information from Allegro PCB design tools, allowing users to increase the accuracy of their post-route net delay analysis results and identify unexpected timing closure issues.

“In addition to acquiring the technology, we hired the key product development team,” said Marcano. “Their knowledge combined with EMA’s broad experience in the EDA industry enables us to be a dominant provider of static timing analysis tools and create robust releases of TimingDesigner in the future.”

For additional information, call EMA at 800-813-7494.

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