Magma and TOOL Speed Physical Verification, Debugging of Large Designs

Magma(R) Design Automation Inc. (Nasdaq: LAVA), a provider of semiconductor design software, and TOOL Corporation, a leading developer of EDA tools, announced the integration of Magma’s Quartz(TM) DRC and Quartz LVS physical verification solution and TOOL’s LAVIS layout visualization platform. Through an easy-to-use GUI these high-per formance, high-capacity tools allow users to speed physical verification and debug, accelerating turnaround time and reducing development costs of very large nanometer IC designs.

Quartz DRC and Quartz LVS provide fully scalable physical verification with distributed processing, enabling physical verification of entire multimillion-gate chips in 2 hours. LAVIS, capable of handling very large designs, provides an exceptionally fast visual platform for reviewing verification results. Identified errors can be organized into cell or error type, allowing users to debug them sequentially by viewing them quickly and conveniently on LAVIS. There is no need to wait until DRC jobs complete. Moreover, since LAVIS allows editing a small portion of a large amount of data, users can also fix errors while checking identified errors in the same environment.

“Design complexity increases substantially at 65, 45 and 32 nanometers, and with traditional solutions, physical verification is extremely time consuming at those geometries,” said John Lee, general manager of Magma’s Physical Verification Business Unit. “Quartz DRC, Quartz LVS and LAVIS share speed and capacity advantages over other solutions, providing mutual customers dramatic acceleration of physical verification, debugging of multimillion-gate designs and significant reduction of turnaround time and costs.”

“Adoption of LAVIS, Quartz DRC and Quartz LVS by leading semiconductor vendors is growing rapidly,” said Hideaki Hontao, president of TOOL. “We are very pleased to be working with Magma to provide our mutual customers with an integrated, easy-to-use and versatile physical verification and debugging platform.”

This solution will be showcased at both companies’ booths at the Electronic Design and Solution Fair, Jan. 25-26 in Yokohama, Japan.

About Quartz DRC and Quartz LVS
Quartz DRC and Quartz LVS are the industry’s first fully scalable physical verification solutions. Leveraging a unique architecture and advanced modeling capabilities, these revolutionary products allow affordable massively distributed processing of DRC and LVS comparison and integrate inherent DFM knowledge into physical verification. With this technology virtually any design can be physically verified in 2 hours.

LAVIS is a versatile layout visualization platform that supports fast, large data display and multiple file formats. Its fast displaying and memory saving technology dramatically reduce large data load and display time. Various design data, including GDSII and E-beam formats, are supported. Easy integration into other tools allows LAVIS to be used as a “standard layout platform” in a wide range of flows including design, verification, mask data preparation, inspection and failure analysis.

About Magma
Magma’s software for integrated circuit (IC) design is recognized as embodying the best in semiconductor technology. The world’s top chip companies use Magma’s EDA software to design and verify complex, high-performance ICs for communications, computing, consumer electronics and networking applications, while at the same time reducing design time and costs. Magma provides software for IC implementation, analysis, physical verification, characterization and programmable logic design, and the company’s integrated RTL-to-GDSII design flow offers “The Fastest Path from RTL to Silicon”(TM). Magma is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif. with offices around the world. Magma’s stock trades on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol LAVA.

About TOOL
TOOL is a Japanese software development company focused on the EDA sector. TOOL has a proven track record, especially in back-end design phases, of software development symbolized by its LAVIS. TOOL leverages its long and successful experience in both commercial and custom software development to optimize customers’ design environments.

Magma is a registered trademark and Quartz and “The Fastest Path from RTL to Silicon” are trademarks of Magma Design Automation Inc.