EVE Rolls Out ZeBu-XXL Emulation and Rapid Prototyping System

EVE introduced the largest capacity addition to its cost-effective ZeBu (for Zero Bugs) family that offers the best aspects of traditional emulation and rapid prototyping systems for hardware debugging and embedded software validation.

Architected with the largest field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and housed in a cabinet half the size of the previous ZeBu-XL generation, ZeBu-XXL verifies designs at three times the speed of the ZeBu-XL, providing twice the capacity in a single chassis.

Configurable for designs from 12.5- to 100-million application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) gates in a compact, rack-mountable unit, it emulates designs with a speed of 20 megahertz (MHz) at the transaction level and in in-circuit emulation (ICE) or synthesizable testbench (STB) mode. It can be configured to accommodate up to 200-million ASIC gates through two interconnected units.

The first public display of ZeBu-XXL will be held in booth #103 (listed as Nihon EVE K.K.) during the Electronic Design & Solution (EDS) Fair 2007 January 25-26 at the Pacifico Yokohama in Yokohama, Japan.

A Press Conference to introduce ZeBu-XXL will be held Wednesday, January 24, at 5:00 PM during the 12th Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference (ASP-DAC 2007), collocated with EDS Fair at the Pacifico Yokohama.

“ZeBu-XXL is our most ambitious verification solution and our engineering team can be eminently proud of its accomplishment,” remarks Dr. Luc Burgun, EVE’s Chief Executive Officer and President. “The EVE design team has introduced a system that can assist both hardware designers and software engineers in a way that for the first time enables true co-verification at megahertz performance for mid- to ultra-large designs. Our customers will benefit from the highest level of integration offered by an EDA company –– two-billion ASIC gates per cubic meter.”

Introducing ZeBu-XXL
ZeBu-XXL is used during the system-integration phase of the design cycle where multiple logic blocks, multiple chips and embedded software must be verified simultaneously. Hardware design and software development teams can share the same system and design representation, and collaborate when debugging complex hardware/software interactions.

Its compiler automatically handles any design, regardless of size, coding style, clocking scheme or memory structure, a problem for older FPGA-based rapid prototyping systems. Through its Reconfigurable Test Bench (RTB) architecture, ZeBu-XXL can control and optimize how the design receives stimulus and communicates with software running on the workstation.

Based on a C/C++ application programming interface (API), ZeBu-XXL communicates with VHDL, Verilog and SystemVerilog testbenches and C/C++ or SystemC models. It supports communications at the signal- or bit-level and at the transaction-level with high-level data such as frames, packets or blocks, with operating speeds up to 20 MHz. ZeBu-XXL also supports ICE and SRB modes. EVE offers a cost-effective “replicate” version of ZeBu addressing the needs of embedded software developers.

Pricing and Availability
ZeBu-XXL has been tested at three beta sites in various configurations and is shipping now. It is priced from $200,000 for a six-month rental.

About EVE
EVE offers the broadest hardware-assisted verification solutions of the market, from acceleration, to fast emulation, to friendly prototyping with the most cycles per dollar. EVE products lead to a significant shortening of the overall verification cycle of complex integrated circuits and electronic systems design. EVE products also work in conjunction with popular Verilog and VHDL-based software simulators from Synopsys, Cadence Design Systems and Mentor Graphics.

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