APCON Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Curtiss-Wright, MRV

APCON announced it has sued MRV Communications Inc. and Curtiss-Wright Corporation in federal court for patent infringement. The lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court for the Central District of California, and seeks to prevent MRV and Curtiss-Wright from infringing upon APCON’s U.S. Patent No. 6,243,510.

APCON designs, manufactures and sells electronic products including INTELLAPATCH physical layer switches, as well as other network products providing high-speed connections between computers and computer peripherals.

APCON owns U.S. Patent No. 6,243,510 which covers systems and methods for switching signals. The patent originally issued in 2001, was vigorously reexamined by the United States Patent and Trademark Office after a competitor challenged the patent during an early enforcement action. In October of last year, the reexamination proceeding was concluded in APCON’s favor. “The Patent Office knew the patent was being litigated, so they went over it with a fine- tooth comb,” said APCON’s President Richard Rauch. “In the end we came out of the re-exam with a stronger patent.”

Mr. Rauch continued, “Our customers demand innovation and continued development to address the demands of this growing and dynamic market. At the same time, as part of this patent enforcement, we’ll continue to monitor the marketplace to ensure that we are protecting our valuable intellectual property.”

APCON is a worldwide provider of Physical Layer technology and is globally recognized as the leading provider of Physical Layer Switches and Software. Since 2001, APCON is responsible for commercializing Physical Layer Switching Solutions and has played a major role in the widespread adoption of this technology. Thousands of organizations in over 30 countries currently deploy the APCON solution in there network infrastructures.