Hermon Labs Rolls Out VoIP and SIP Conformance Testing Solutions

Hermon Laboratories, a world-leading expert in compliance testing in telecom, announced its new solutions for VoIP and SIP conformance testing. Both solutions are available as optional add-ons to Hermon Labs’ market-proven TCA 8200 Telecom Conformance Analyzer, and the SIP solution is also available as a standalone software application.

The TCA 8200 provides a fast and cost-effective approvals solution for all major access equipment standards around the world. With the addition of the new VoIP and SIP options, the TCA 8200 now offers a complete answer for testing of the full range of telecom wired access equipment: analog PSTN (including telephone acoustic testing); xDSL; E1; T1; ISDN PRI and PRI L2 /3. Applications for the TCA 8200 include pre-compliance, compliance, development and production testing.

The VOIP add-on solution complies with the TIA/EIA-810 standard, enabling thorough testing of transmission between analog, digital and VoIP, in any combination. It is unique in that it provides TIMS and voice quality testing and Echo cancellation as well as acoustic testing of VoIP telephones with optional VQT (PESQ). The new SIP add-on and standalone solution supports ETSI TS 102.027-1.

“With the addition of the new VoIP and SIP solutions, the TCA 8200 makes it easier and faster than ever before to develop and test new VoIP products for international compliance,” said Alex Usoskin, CEO of Hermon Labs. “For our worldwide customer base, this means they can get to market faster – regardless of the geographic spread of their market.”

Unique “Lab-In-A-Box” dramatically cuts time, cost and complexity
The TCA 8200 provides the only comprehensive solution testing compliance with all major telecom standards worldwide, it replaces the multiple test instruments traditionally required for testing with a single, compact device, at a fraction of the cost and space requirements. It also saves considerable time, reducing the various testing processes from weeks or months to just hours or days.

A single TCA 8200 unit replaces many different types of testing equipment, including oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, ISDN analyzer, digital transmission/BERT/jitter analyzers and others.

Key features and capabilities include:

  • Compliance testing to major standards worldwide – Relieves staff from having to understand and stay updated with numerous, evolving regulatory requirements.
  • Fully automated testing – Built-in test suites for supported standards and automated implementation of user-defined test parameters; manual operation for development and debugging testing is also available.
  • Extensive, automated reporting – Detailed reports are automatically generated in MS Word format.
  • Powerful display and analysis – The on-screen display provides test results in graph and table formats, along with test status and verdict, test parameters, current test point, and more.

More than a testing instrument, the TCA 8200 is a highly integrated system of tools and features for a wide range of test lab tasks. It offers:

  • Definition and management of test specs and plans
  • Remote monitoring
  • Data backup and restore
  • Full quality assurance, with ISO/IEC 17025-compatible test reports
  • And more

About Hermon Labs
Hermon Laboratories is a world-leading expert in EMC, telecom, product safety and environmental product testing. The Company pioneered a new approach to telecom testing with its introduction in 2003 of the TCA 8200 Telecom Conformance Analyzer – the first worldwide telecom testing lab-in-a-box Established in 1987, Hermon Labs is headquartered in Israel.

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