Low Power Coalition Issues Request for Technology

Silicon Integration Initiative (Si2) announced that the Low Power Coalition (LPC) has issued a Request for Technology (RFT) seeking additional enabling technologies building upon and enhancing the Common Power Format (CPF). CPF was recently approved as a Si2 specification and will be released industry-wide after a patent exclusionary period ending on March 4, 2007.

“This RFT, the technology donations expected, and the release of the CPF specifications are all strong indications of the viability of CPF as an important low-power specification,” says Steve Schulz, president and CEO of Si2. “As mobile applications become increasingly important to the semiconductor industry, it is critical that we move to common standards for defining low-power intent in the design flow.”

The RFT request technology and methodologies to communicate low power design intent, constraints, and implementations of SoCs and IP blocks from the ESL, RTL, Gate through the Physical level of design for both analog and digital circuits. Additionally, software and other tangible IP such as test cases (ESL, RTL, gate, physical, etc.) that may be used to validate low power design flows is being sought.

About the Low Power Coalition (LPC)
The Low-Power Coalition (LPC) will deliver enhanced capabilities in low-power Integrated Circuit (IC) design flows in particular relating to specifications of low-power design intent, architectural tradeoffs, logical/physical implementation, design verification and testability. Members include: Apache Design Solutions; ArchPro Design Automation Inc.; Atrenta; Azuro (UK) Ltd.; Cadence Design Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CDNS); ChipVision Design Systems AG; Golden Gate Technology; Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC); Magma Design Automation, Inc. (NASDAQ:LAVA); NXP Semiconductors; Sequence Design, Inc.; STMicroelectronics (NYSE:STM); Texas Instruments (NYSE:TXN); and Virage Logic (NASDAQ:VIRL).

About Si2
Si2 is an organization of industry-leading semiconductor, systems, EDA, and manufacturing companies focused on improving the way integrated circuits are designed and manufactured in order to speed time to market, reduce costs, and meet the challenges of sub-micron design. Si2 is uniquely positioned to enable collaboration through a strong implementation focus driven by its member companies. Si2 focuses on developing practical technology solutions to industry challenges. Si2 represents over 100 companies involved in all parts of the silicon supply chain throughout the world.