SDC Systems Introduces WiFi Development Platforms to Europe

Embedded systems tools and software distributor SDC Systems have announced the availability of a range of hardware platforms and reference design boards that target engineers working to develop wireless systems. Developed and manufactured in the US by ADI Engineering, these platforms are based on the powerful Intel Xscale silicon architecture and come complete with operating system, application software and protocol stacks.

“We have been working with ADI for several years now,” stated Stuart Parker, Managing Director of SDC Systems. “Because ADI focus solely on the Xscale architecture and the datacoms market, their product offering is very comprehensive for anyone looking to develop wireless architecture products. In addition to this, ADI can provide bespoke hardware designs in low and high volumes, offering developers a fast route to market for new products.”

SDC Systems has also announced that RoamAD and DR Telecom have recently selected ADI’s Pronghorn Metro Main Board as a core hardware component in the multi-radio nodes that will be deployed throughout the Dominican Republic. The launch of the DR Telecom network in Santo Domingo is scheduled for February 2007 when DR Telecom will offer fixed and mobile voice and broadband data services on a pre-paid basis. The network will also be used for other applications including video surveillance.

“The ADI products are very proven,” said Stuart. “What’s more is that ADI have been working very closely with their software partners to ensure that they can offer a fully integrated solution that delivers what is required in terms of performance and that the right technical support is at hand to assist with deployments and bespoke solutions.”

ADI’s Pronghorn Metro Main Board is a RoamAD compatible wireless router board based on Intel XScale(R) technology and is available to system integrators following RoamAD’s open Hardware Assembly Guide to build their own multi-radio mesh nodes. The Pronghorn Metro Main Board is fully validated with RoamAD’s new WNP version 1.5 software release for Intel XScale(R) technology. It is also the ideal solution for WISPs and OEMs requiring a robust, WiMAX upgradeable quad-radio wireless router board offering significant advantages in capacity, radio flexibility, standards compliance and cost.

ADI’s Pronghorn Metro Main Board is the most flexible RoamAD compatible wireless router board on the market. Other router boards are more limited in their radio flexibility, due to inability to fit elongated WiMAX and 900 MHz MiniPCI radios and MiniPCI power supply limitations. Pronghorn Metro is designed to support any MiniPCI radio under worst case conditions and any operating mode.

The Pronghorn Metro is the only RoamAD compatible board capable of fully delivering on key RoamAD features such as flexible quad-band multi-radio support with the ability to accommodate future RoamAD software releases supporting WiMAX and 3.5 GHz. ADI Engineering is also a turnkey RoamAD hardware supplier, delivering complete network hardware solutions consisting of Pronghorn Metro multi-radio Intelligent Network Nodes (INNs) along with RoamAD compatible Intelligent Network Servers (INS) and Gateway Servers (GS). For customers not using RoamAD’s wireless networking software, ADI offers open-source low-level software support including RedBoot and Linux board support packages.

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