National Technical Systems Expands Lightning Test Capabilities

National Technical Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTSC) (NTS), a leading provider of engineering services, recently announced the expansion of the lightning test capabilities at their test laboratory in Boxborough, MA. The Avionics Test System is capable of simulating the indirect strike (current and voltage), multi-stroke and multi-burst lightning specified in DO-160E section 22 and meeting the requirements set forth by Boeing and Airbus, as well as applicable FAA, SAE, and EUROCAE standards.

“NTS has a long history of providing our aerospace industry clients with expert testing and engineering services”, stated Dwight Moore, Chief Operating Officer, “This investment makes NTS one of the few sources for environmental, EMC and lightning testing to the requirements in the DO-160E standard.”

The NTS Boxborough facility offers extensive capabilities and experience conducting Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Product Safety and Electrical testing to military, aerospace, ITE, telecommunications and other industry specifications.

About NTS
National Technical Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of engineering services to the defense, aerospace, telecommunications, automotive and high technology markets. Through a world-wide network of resources, NTS provides full product life-cycle support, offering world class design engineering, compliance, testing, certification, quality registration and program management. For additional information about NTS, call 800-270-2516.