Aeroflex Rolls Out Test Solution for Assisted-GPS Mobile Handsets

Aeroflex has launched a fully integrated solution for testing A-GPS (Assisted-GPS) enabled mobile handsets. The solution is based on the highly successful and well-proven Aeroflex 6103 AIME and 6103 AIME/CT mobile handset test systems. It has been designed to address the rapidly emerging development and conformance test requirements for A-GPS-based mobile handsets by testing A-GPS implementation in the laboratory thereby eliminating the need for costly field trials and reducing time-to-market. The solution is designed to support the development lifecycle of A-GPS devices from initial R&D through to conformance test.

Providing full GSM / (E)GPRS and UMA/GAN network emulation, the Aeroflex 6103 AIME and AIME/CT test platforms, together with software environments for development and conformance testing, provide the perfect solution for an operator to observe the behaviour of a mobile handset operating against an emulated wireless network. To create the A-GPS mobile handset test solution, Aeroflex has fully integrated Navigation Laboratories’ 12-channel NLC–L1–AGPS Constellation Simulator with the 6103 AIME and AIME/CT platforms. Widely used in global avionics, defence, and space applications, but exclusively used by Aeroflex for A-GPS testing in wireless markets, the simulator emulates the entire 24 satellite GPS constellation and provides high performance modelling of all associated GPS satellite and vehicle effects, to provide a complete environment for developing and testing A-GPS devices.

The Aeroflex A-GPS mobile handset test solution supports both MS-Based and MS-Assisted positioning methods, as well as conventional GPS, and provides analysis of the pseudo-range as well as latitude/longitude location response for the unit under test. The support of RRLP messaging allows simulation of the standard A-GPS call flow location requests for the control plane. For the user plane it provides the ability to support TCP/IP and the SUPL (Secure User Plane). RF minimum performance testing of the GPS receiver is also a key test requirement. Aeroflex is currently participating at 3GPP GERAN meetings as the minimum performance test specifications are being developed.

Example test scripts include access to each Layer of the protocol structure including the RRLP messaging and the ability to define any RRLP protocol message even non compliant messaging to test error conditions. Auto-assistance data is generated from the GPS simulator, sent through the AIME system and delivered over the control or user plane to the mobile terminal without any need for manual intervention.

The Aeroflex 6103 AIME A-GPS mobile handset test system can be easily upgraded to a 6103 AIME/CT system enabling users to execute validated conformance test cases as listed in 3GPP TS51.010 section 70. Conformance testing is required during the latter stages of the device development lifecycle in order to verify that the implementation is fully compliant with the 3GPP standards prior to formal certification at an independent test laboratory. Submission of the results is then made to GCF and PTCRB, the two main certification forums for GSM/W-CDMA devices. This allows a terminal manufacturer to gain access onto North American networks where a certified terminal is mandatory and allows the manufacturer to retain a higher margin on the sales of the terminals made elsewhere.

The system currently supports all 33 of the A-GPS test cases listed in TS51.010 at both GCF work item 16 and PTCRB RFT 34. Formal validation and submission will occur before the end of the year and will be submitted on GCF/PTCRB platform 69 (6103 AIME/CT + Navigation Laboratories GPS satellite simulator).

“As location-based services move beyond the realms of the emergency services and into the commercial arena, they hold considerable promise as a valuable revenue generator for wireless carriers,” said Dan Quant, Product Marketing Manager at Aeroflex Test Solutions, Wireless Division. “Reducing development time is fundamental to ensuring rapid deployment of new, A-GPS-enabled mobile handsets. Aeroflex’s fully integrated A-GPS-enabled mobile handset test platform presents a powerful, versatile and cost-effective solution.”

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About Aeroflex Test Solutions, Wireless Division
Aeroflex Wireless offers a full range of protocol, physical layer and parametric test solutions for the cellular communications industry. Its products address infrastructure and mobile handset testing and support all stages of mobile phone and radio access network equipment development and deployment. Applications include R&D, conformance, production, installation and commissioning, field service, and network optimization. Aeroflex’s wireless products test all key 2G, 2.5G and 3G wireless technologies including UMTS, cdmaOne, CDMA2000, TD-SCDMA, GSM, GPRS, EDGE and WiMAX worldwide.