Innovasic Unveils TCP/IP Stack for fido Industrial Microcontroller

Innovasic Semiconductor, a leader in replacement integrated circuit (IC) and microcontroller solutions, announced the availability of a TCP/IP stack for its new fido1100 (flexible input eterministic output) industrial microcontroller.

The stack will allow users to configure one of fido’s Universal I/O Controllers (UICs) to communicate with other devices utilizing the Internet Protocol (IP). Each one of fido’s four UICs is a dedicated RISC engine, which can be programmed to support a variety of I/O protocols. This flexibility allows fido to be used in multiple designs with different I/O requirements, reducing the cost and obsolescence risk of carrying multiple parts in inventory.

The release features a highly optimized embedded TCP/IP stack, no OS dependencies and supports zero data copy. In addition, it supports DNS client, socket interface, BOOTP, DHCP, TELNET, FTP, TFTP, POP3, SMTP, IMAP4, HTTP 1.0/1.1,TCP, UDP, IP, ICMP, IGMP, ARP, multicast, Ethernet, SNTP client protocols.

“The addition of a stack is part of our commitment to increasing the power and flexibility of the UICs,” said Keith Prettyjohns, CEO of Innovasic Semiconductor. “We will continue to work with our customers to develop protocols that best support their needs, providing a complete solution.”

In the fido1100, each UIC can be programmed to support 10/100 Ethernet (with MAC address filtering), two UARTs (16550 type), SMBus, Smart GPIO (up to 18-bits per UIC), SPI, I2C and even customer proprietary protocols.

The TCP/IP stack will be included in the release of Evaluation Design Kits shipping in January 2007.

You will find Innovasic Semiconductor at embedded world 2007 in hall 12 booth 654.

About fido Microcontrollers
The fido family of 32-bit real-time microcontrollers was designed from the ground up for embedded industrial control requirements. Combining the best of triedand-true solutions with innovative new features, it provides a welcome relief to system designers and programmers.

This innovative new architecture optimizes the balance between hardware and software features. The fido microcontroller also combines new features with something familiar – the 68000 instruction set. And unlike the Original 68000 parts, Innovasic is guaranteeing long life availability of the fido1100.

With fido, many features that were once conducted in software have been hardwired into the chip to provide reliable real-time response, predictable performance and robust debug – shortening the-time-to-market and easing field deployment. These features lower processing requirements and reduce the power consumption, clock rate, and design complexity.

Innovasic Semiconductor
Innovasic is a fabless semiconductor company, providing replacement ICs and embedded solutions for the industrial and long life-cycle markets. The company provides solutions that directly address obsolescence problems as well as other issues of concern to industrial customers such as inventory management, hard real-time/safety-critical performance and power consumption.

The company has established itself as an approved vendor of extended life replacement ICs to many of the leading industrial equipment manufacturers, enabling them to continue to build products that rely on ICs discontinued by the original vendor. Innovasic has developed a unique process and technology that allows the rapid design of a pin-compatible and 100 percent fully function-compatible replacement for embedded microcontrollers, peripheral ICs and analog/mixed signal interface chips.