Nanosecond Timing Synchronization for Electronic Trading Systems

In response to Regulation NMS and MiFID, FSMLabs announced immediate availability of Nanosecond Timing Synchronization software for Electronic Trading Systems using RTLinuxPro technology. RTTimeSync was originally created by FSMLabs for use by the military for mission-critical and safety-critical communications systems and has been adapted to handle the stringent trading timestamp regulations for NMS and MiFID.

“RTTimeSync guarantees nanosecond level time synchronization in clusters, distributed nodes, and grid computing,” said FSMLabs’ CTO Cort Dougan. The product gives financial services organizations deploying computing clusters and trading systems accurate nanosecond time synchronization between multiple enterprise compute nodes – running Linux or Windows – with no impact on enterprise software applications.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requires that all NMS related systems must be operational by February 5, 2007 and by May 21, 2007 start full industry compliance with a pilot group of NMS stocks. Dougan continues by saying, “Many people in the financial services industry thought that it was impossible to avoid clock-drift, but with our RTTimeSync all systems on the network will be in sync even if the systems lose their connection to the time sources, such as GPS or Atomic Clock network time servers.”

Like other components of FSMLabs hard real-time technology suite, RTTimeSync is a plug-n-play add-on software module that does not require modification of drivers and applications in the enterprise environment. “Our technology was developed in an environment where microsecond timing errors cost lives,” added Dougan, “so we bring a high level of reliability and precision to financial markets where microsecond timing errors cost money. We expect an arms race to start soon in trading systems where the fastest response will win out. Our hard real-time deterministic technology provides the edge that makes the difference.”

RTTimeSync uses RTLinuxPro to generate and distribute a reliable, synchronized timestamp. Mike Cravens, Director of DOD Business Development, states, “RTTimeSync has been successfully used by the military in network-centric warfare operations and missions for over four years. These military grade applications require nanosecond absolute timing precision and no failure or lapse in timing synchronization.” This accurate timekeeping ability of RTTimeSync is made possible by the development of RTLinuxPro and is used to correct the time available from standard Linux services. It provides nanosecond level synchronization accuracy, precision and correction even when external time sources cannot be accessed to provide a valid timing signal.

About FSMLabs
FSMLabs is the leading provider of secure hard real-time performance enabling technologies for Linux and BSD operating systems running on mobile, enterprise and embedded systems devices. When failure is not an option and security is a must, FSMLabs’ patented RTCore turns Linux and BSD GPOS’s, such as Red Hat, SUSE, NetBSD and FreeBSD into an NSA compliant, secure high nanosecond/low microsecond deterministic hard real-time operating system (RTOS). By combining the best-in-class enterprise operating systems (Linux and BSD) with FSMLabs’ responsive hard real-time threading, scheduling, networking and virtualization technology (RTCore), technology companies can develop, deploy and deliver to market unbeatable robust, secure and performance products on time and under budget.

FSMLabs was founded in 1996 and is privately held, with headquarters in New Mexico and sales and engineering staff worldwide. FSMLabs products include RTTimeSync, RTLinux, RTCoreBSD, LNet real-time networking, PSDD protected memory real-time, VxIT legacy emulation, Carrier Grade RTLinux, RTCore Eclipse IDE and ControlsKit real-time XML/RPC interface builder. For more information, email

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