Celoxica, CMC Microsystems Send ESL Design Tools to Universities

Celoxica (LSE:CXA) announced an agreement with CMC Microsystems to supply its DK Design Suite of electronic system-level (ESL) design tools for pan-Canadian university research and teaching. The deal significantly increases researcher, instructor and student access to leading-edge ESL design technologies at universities across Canada, and is supported by a plan to include the development of system-level Application Programming Interface APIs for board-level integration and rapid design implementation.

With hundreds of commercial licenses used worldwide, the DK Design Suite provides the industry’s de facto standard for FPGA-based ESL design and coprocessor acceleration, and offers the engineer an environment that spans design entry, simulation, co-simulation and high-level synthesis. As university researchers embrace ESL design methodologies, CMC’s delivery of these tools to more than 15 universities will increase the electronic design and microsystems capability of Canadian faculty members and post graduate students. The DK Design Suite provides system-level simulation and synthesis from C to FPGA or RTL and enables processor off-load to FPGA based coprocessors. This will create new opportunities for researchers to explore the integration of microsystems technologies; gain hands-on experience with industry-calibre technology; and provide a competitive edge to the future companies they join.

CMC builds partnerships among government, industry and universities to enable microsystems discovery, applied research and technology development. By providing researchers with access to state-of-the-art tools and technology, CMC accelerates world-class research leading to innovation and the commercialisation of microsystems.

“With increasing opportunities presented by ESL, microsystems researchers and their collaborators from various scientific fields require access to industry-grade programmable logic design capability”, said Dan Gale, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at CMC. “By working with Celoxica, these research teams will explore design solutions that offer the right balance of features, maturity and novelty relative to advanced technology roadmaps, creating new opportunities to integrate microelectronics with other technologies.”

The agreement includes Celoxica’s system-level APIs, enabling developers to create applications and IP for a single set of interfaces and independent of board-level detail.

Roger Gook, Celoxica’s University Program Manager commented, “Our agreement with CMC advances the worldwide roll-out of our latest ESL design solutions to key academic centres of research excellence. Given the increasing role of ESL design in accelerating enterprise software and industrial flows, it is essential that researchers have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in methodology and benefit from the key learnings that emerge from cutting-edge research. It is integral to increasing the competitiveness of microsystems-based companies across industrial sectors.”

About Celoxica
A leader in electronic system level design (ESL), Celoxica is enabling the next generation of advanced electronic products by producing tools, boards, IP and services that turn software into silicon. Celoxica technology raises design abstraction to the algorithm level, accelerating productivity and lowering risk and costs by generating semiconductor hardware directly from C-based software descriptions. Adding to a growing installed base, Celoxica provides the world’s most widely used C-based behavioural design and synthesis solutions to companies developing semiconductor products in markets such as consumer electronics, defence and aerospace, automotive, industrial and security. Celoxica is a publicly traded company on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange under the symbol CXA.

About CMC Microsystems
CMC Microsystems builds partnerships among government, industry and universities to enable and accelerate Canada’s global competitiveness in microsystems. As Canada’s leader in the delivery of national infrastructure for microsystems research and technology development, CMC provides leading-edge tools and technologies for world-class research in Canadian universities, leading to innovation and commercialization of microsystems. This research enables the development of highly qualified people, new products and companies, helping to fuel all sectors of the Canadian economy. CMC’s membership includes 42 universities, one college, and 29 industrial organizations.

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