Summit Unveils SMS11 Programmable Monitor-Sequencer-Reset IC

Summit Microelectronics has announced the SMS11, the newest device in a family of programmable monitor/sequencer/reset IC’s, designed for communication and consumer electronics applications. With non-volatile programmability the SMS11 addresses virtually any multi-output power supply application that requires monitoring and sequencing.

Summit Microelectronics SMS11 programmable monitor/sequencer/reset IC

Ultra-compact chip-scale packaging (CSP) and low component count enables the SMS11 to bring sophisticated functionality to demanding applications without the bulk and cost of conventional alternatives.

“Power supply monitoring and sequencing is no longer an option for complex modern communications and consumer electronics equipment,” stated Abid Hussain, Summit’s vice-president of marketing. “The SMS11′s programmable flexibility, ultra-compact footprint and dramatically reduced component count enable cost-effective implementation in virtually any application.”

The SMS11 is well suited to many applications in communications and consumer electronics devices such datacom/telecom routers and switches, digital televisions and set-top boxes, cable/DSL modems, SOHO routers/gateways/WLAN, and multi-function printers. The tiny CSP footprint allows integration in small form factors of modern consumer handheld equipment.

The SMS11 is also particularly well suited to FPGA/ASIC system development and reference designs where sequencing requirements may not be well understood in advance. The SMS11′s programmable capability allows for quick and easy re-configuration without hardware changes.

The SMS11 combines a precision four-input voltage monitor with a four-output power supply sequencer and reset controller. Input voltage thresholds are fully programmable as are output sequence order and timing delays. The global RESET output is provided to signal completion of the sequencing routine and can be directly interfaced to system logic.

Also programmable are the sequence ENABLE output polarity and the RESET output behavior. SMS11′s programmability addresses dozens of parametric combinations without any hardware changes to the system. This feature simplifies and speeds up development while reducing total system component count, size and cost compared to conventional solutions using external resistors and capacitors for “programming”.

The SMS11 operates from +2.7V to +5.5V (RESET output valid at 1.0V) and typically consumes only 200mA of operating current. The chip-scale package occupies only 1.4mm x 2.5mm of board space and the application circuit only requires a single external resistor resulting in a solution size 50%-90% smaller than comparable alternatives.

These features make the SMS11 well suited to portable and handheld applications in addition to line-powered systems. The operating temperature range for the SMS11 is -5C to +70C.

Pricing and Availability
Packaged in a tiny 8-ball 1.4mm x 2.5mm CSP package, the SMS11 is 85% smaller than conventional solutions. An 8-lead SOIC package is also available.

Both packages are available as lead-free and RoHS-standard compliant. Available now in production quantities, the SMS11 is priced at $0.88 each in quantities of 10,000 units for the CSP package and at $2.00 each in quantities of 1,000 units for the SOIC package.

Design Software and Programmer for Prototype Development
To speed user product development, Summit offers customers the SMS11EV companion evaluation board and a graphical user interface (GUI) software so designers can quickly see the features and benefits and design a prototype power supply with the SMS11.

The SMS11EV design kit includes menu-driven Microsoft Windows (R) GUI software to automate programming tasks (requires SMX3199 programmer board) and also includes all necessary hardware to interface to the parallel or USB port of a laptop or PC.

Once a user completes design and prototyping, the SMS11EV automatically generates a HEX data file that can be transmitted to Summit for review and approval. Summit then assigns a unique customer identification code to the HEX file and programs the customer’s production devices prior to final electrical test operations. This ensures that the device will operate properly in the end application. The design kit software can be downloaded today from Summit’s website.

About Summit Microelectronics: “Programmable Power for a Digital World(TM)”
Summit Microelectronics is the leader in flexible, highly integrated power management solutions combining precision power regulation with sophisticated digital control in a single chip. The Company’s devices are found in a variety of consumer, communications and computing applications Summit’s unique programmable, non-volatile mixed-signal IC technology combined with a convenient GUI development environment allows for unparalleled functional and parametric flexibility in power supply design. This flexibility applied to common problems such as dynamic voltage/current control and intelligent battery charging, allows for significant system performance improvement while realizing drastic reductions in design effort.

Digital programmability enables high integration and system flexibility in a single chip – impossible with conventional “hard-wired” analog power IC’s. Additionally, this integration reduces the bill-of-materials yielding the lowest total system cost and size.

Summit solutions address the biggest challenges facing OEM developers today: increasing system functionality, performance and complexity accompanied by shrinking development time cycles.

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