Ambarella A2 HD Camcorder on a Chip Powers Samsung HD Camcorders

Ambarella, Inc., the leader in low-power, high- definition video compression and image-processing semiconductors, announced that Samsung Electronic Corp., a leading manufacturer of consumer electronic (CE) products, has selected the Ambarella A2 “HD Camcorder on a Chip”(TM) platform to enable its new line of Camcorders. The high quality, low power and high integration of the Ambarella A2 processor enables the design of smaller HD camcorders with increased picture quality.

“We needed a solution that combined excellent video processing, advanced system integration and low power, so it was critical for us to select a partner with advanced compression technology to facilitate the transition from a tape-based standard-definition camcorder to tapeless high-definition camcorder, ” stated Dr. Dongho Shin, executive vice-president of the Samsung AudioVisual division. “We selected Ambarella because of their excellent quality, low power and small memory footprint. These are key features that will redefine the high-definition camcorder market.”

Fermi Wang, CEO of Ambarella, said, “Samsung’s choice confirms that Ambarella’s one-chip solution featuring high quality and low power is a key factor for high-definition camcorders to become mainstream consumer products.”

The Ambarella A-2 “HD Camcorder on a Chip” platform provides a family of solution covering the range of H.264-AVC based HD-Camcorder from entry level to expert consumers, or “prosumers”.

The Ambarella A2 “HD camcorder on a chip” is available now in volume production quantities.

About Ambarella
Ambarella is the technology leader in low-power, high-definition video compression and image processing semiconductors. Our products are helping to define a new class of hybrid digital cameras that bring consumers unmatched high definition video and digital still images together in one device.

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