Seamless Internet Rolls Out S-XGen Ultra Mobile Portable Computer

A New Ultra Mobile Portable Computer (UMPC) offering a radically different design was debuted at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. The S-XGen(TM) from Seamless Internet (OTCBB:SLWF), a publicly traded company, is the only UMPC of its kind to integrate all of the computing and digital functionality of other UMPCs in a design that offers a near full-size keyboard and an ultra-productive eight-hour battery life.

The S-XGen was created for serious business users who need convenient all-day access to powerful computing capabilities but are frustrated with lugging and juggling multiple devices that provide only two or three hours of on-the-go power. The lightweight, pocket-sized PC combines several digital products into a single, easy-to-access device. The unit’s extra-long battery life and fold-out keyboard makes the S-XGen a serious full-day work partner that puts an end to frustrating text messaging-style “dumb thumb” typing and battery power panic.

“Fingers are a terrible thing to waste – especially when you have real work to do,” said Al Reda, president and CEO of Seamless Wi-Fi. “Virtually all UMPCs offer similar applications but all the gadgets in the world are worthless if they are frustrating to use. The S-XGen not only combines a variety of productivity-enhancing digital devices, but does so in a way that turns users into mobile powerhouses not thumb suckers. The unit’s industry-leading eight-hour battery life makes the S-XGen the first “panic-free” mobile device – one that seriously addresses the real needs of today’s road warriors whether they are on a plane, held up in a taxi cab or out in the field.”

The S-XGen is a handheld device that eliminates the need for a separate laptop, cellular phone, Tablet PC and PDA. WiFi, Bluetooth and tri-band cellular wireless technology as well as Ethernet connectivity come standard with S-XGen as does both USB and RJ45 input options. Built with an Intel PXA 270 Xscale(TM) 520 MHz processor, the base unit includes 256MB of RAM and a 20GB hard drive. The S-XGen comes with Microsoft(R) Windows(R) CE 5.0 and is ready to run Microsoft Office(R) Mobile Suite (included).

The total size of the S-XGen is approximately 6.5 inches long by 3.8 inches wide and it weighs only 14 oz. The unit comes with a 4-inch TFT 470 x 280 resolution monitor / touch screen, a built-in 280 pixel web video camera and functionality buttons for gaming applications, camera and computing. The S-XGen is also uniquely designed with a Qwerty near full-size fold-out keyboard and a battery life rated at an industry high of 8 hours of use.

The MSRP of the S-XGen with Microsoft Office included is $1,400.00. Units are available for immediate delivery.

Seamless Internet will be demonstrating the S-XGen at CES Booth Number IP 255 and IP 271 at the Sands Innovation Pavilion.

About Seamless Internet
Seamless Internet in the fully owned subsidiary of Seamless Wi-Fi Inc., a Las Vegas, Nevada-based company focused on the development of next-generation wireless technology, encryption technology and proprietary peer-to-peer networking solutions. Seamless Internet provides wireless hosting technology for Seamless Wi-Fi and its other and clients and is the designers & manufacturers of the S-XGen UMPC. For more information on Seamless Internet, the S-XGen or other products and services offered by the company, contact James M. Farinella at 908-204-0004.