Microcross Rolls Out GNU X-Tools v4.0 Embedded Development Tools

Microcross released GNU X-Tools(TM) v4.0 professional embedded development tools for six (6) microprocessor families: ARM, M68K/ColdFire, MIPS, PowerPC, SuperH, and XScale. GNU X-Tools(TM), now in its sixth release over seven years, is setting the benchmark for quality, low-cost, and professional development tools for embedded systems. The GNU X-Tools(TM) are based the Free Software Foundation GNU tools; Microcross’ value add is in the productizing of stable releases of GNU tools for embedded development. The GNU X-Tools(TM) are built, patched, tested, branded and supported by Microcross for Linux and Windows hosts.

Each toolsuite comes with GCC v4.1.1 (C/C++ compilers), binutils v2.17 (LD linker, AR archiver, AS assembler, instruction set simulator and other utilities), and Visual GDB debugger (a.k.a Insight) v6.5. Most toolsuites have added support for new processors and strict conformance to C99 support. Here are highlights of the major GNU tools changes for embedded targets:

  1. Additional support for the ARM v6j cores (e.g., arm1176jf-s, iwmmxt, ep9312, and more) into the toolsuite along with improved (faster) software floating point support.
  2. Addition of M68K/ColdFire 53xx and 54xx target and library support as well as an instruction set simulator.
  3. PowerPC AltiVec and Power5+ support enhancments are in this latest release.
  4. MIPS toolsuite has added new targets:MIPS-3D ASE and Broadcom SB-1.
  5. SuperH support added for SH4a and SH4al-dsp.
  6. Strict conformance to C99 support for all targets.
  7. Close-out of bug fixes in GCC v4.x.x over previous v3.4.x releases.
  8. The major changes for GCC v4.1.1 in its entirety can be read on the GNU GCC web site.

Microcross’ toolsuites are offered with an award winning integrated development environment, which is based on a customized version of Visual SlickEdit(R). A developer can evaluate ARM, MIPS32, PowerPC, SuperH, and XScale toolsuites absolutely risk-free for 30 days. Microcross tryouts are fully functional with code editor, project manager, C/C++ compilers, assembler, linker, Instruction Set Simulator (ISS), librarian, utilities, and Visual GDB debugger. An embedded developer can use these tools without the actual hardware during the evaluation process using the ISS; therefore, the developer saves time and money while in the evaluation mode.

A single seat of GNU X-Tools(TM) is priced at $1,000 each and includes free 30-day setup support. Add another $600 and the customer gets the Visual X-Tools(TM) IDE. Optional yearly support subscriptions are sold for $500 per developer, which includes telephone and email support, GNU X-Tools Training Guide, and free upgrades.

About Microcross
Microcross is the leading international distributor of open-source embedded development tools based on GNU technology. Microcross is making embedded systems easier to program by providing full-featured, open-source development tools that are validated and documented, so customers can affordably accelerate their development. Microcross enables customers to confidently develop and run software in embedded systems faster, more reliably and at a lower cost. Microcross’ professional embedded tools solution tightly integrates a rich set of leading real-time operating systems and its own brand of embedded Linux to meet the needs of customers producing embedded devices and smart technology.