Intel Upgrades to Corporate Member of Open SystemC Initiative

The Open SystemC Initiative (OSCI), an independent non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and advancing SystemC(TM) as an industry standard language for electronic system-level design, announced that Intel Corporation has upgraded to Corporate-level Membership in the organization, giving it more direct interaction with the strategic evolution of the standard and a seat on the OSCI board of directors. Intel becomes the organization’s ninth Corporate Member, joining ARM Ltd., Cadence Design Systems, Inc., CoWare, Inc., Forte Design Systems, Mentor Graphics Corporation, NXP, STMicroelectronics and Synopsys, Inc.

Ken Tallo, Director of Design Automation in Intel’s Ultra Mobile Group, will serve as Intel’s lead representative in OSCI activities.

“Electronic system-level modeling is a key strategic initiative at Intel,” noted Tallo. “OSCI’s technical working groups are evolving a variety of solutions layered on top of the SystemC language. We have been most actively participating in the Transaction-Level Modeling (TLM) working group where key abstraction levels and all aspects of model interoperability are being standardized. We’re encouraged by the progress made for the recent TLM 2.0 draft release and are increasing our level of participation so that we can support this important activity at multiple levels in the organization.”

More than 50 experts from organizations represented in the TLM working group have worked to create a roadmap for the evolution of the TLM standard and the next release. TLM 2.0 extends the standard by defining the content of transactions and how they are moved and controlled within the system.

“Intel has been and will continue to be a valuable contributor to our efforts, especially in the area of TLM and across all aspects of the organization, and we welcome their increased participation through Corporate Level Membership,” said Alain Clouard, chairman of OSCI. “They join some of the most influential companies in the electronics industry that are helping shape our strategy and ensure SystemC remains a user-driven and productivity-oriented standard.”

OSCI offers a range of membership options for companies and not-for-profit organizations. OSCI consists of five volunteer-based technical working groups overseen by the Board of Directors that helps shape direction and strategy. Working groups focus on particular areas of interest and currently include Language, Transaction-Level Modeling, Verification, Synthesis and Analog-Mixed Signal.

About SystemC and OSCI
The Open SystemC(TM) Initiative (OSCI) is an independent, not-for-profit association composed of a broad range of organizations dedicated to supporting and advancing SystemC as an open industry standard for system-level modeling, design and verification. SystemC is a C++ class library that supports design from concept to implementation in hardware and software. The IEEE Standards Association recently approved the standard for the SystemC library as IEEE Std. 1666(TM)-2005. As a result of a partnership between OSCI and the IEEE, the IEEE 1666(TM)-2005 Standard SystemC Language Reference Manual (LRM) is now available free of charge on the IEEE website.

IEEE Std. 1666(TM)-2005 is a trademark of the IEEE.