QuickLogic Introduces Power Comparison Resource Package

QuickLogic Corporation (NASDAQ:QUIK), the lowest power programmable logic leader, announced its “Power Comparison Resource Package” that includes a low power programmable logic video, power comparison demo platform, a white paper created by a third-party consultant and a micro website. The purpose of this package is to help designers compare FPGAs and CPLDs between the leading vendors in order to make the best decisions based on design power constraints and requirements.

QuickLogic contracted a third party to study the design issues around low power FPGA and CPLD technology and author a white paper describing different architectures. The white paper presents actual board-level test data comparing each vendors’ “low power” programmable logic, including details on why and when different architectures will consume excessive amounts of power. The data includes in-rush current at device start-up together with static, dynamic and idle-mode power consumptions during normal operation.

The demo platform video clip and the power consumption white paper are available at no cost and can be downloaded.

The demo platform can also be viewed live at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV from January 8 to January 11, 2007 at the QuickLogic Demo Suite at the Circus Circus Hotel.

“The need to quickly and easily integrate more functionality within ever-decreasing board space, power budgets and market windows drives designers of portable electronics towards using flexible, low power programmable logic solutions,” said Brian Faith, QuickLogic’s Senior Director of Marketing. “However, selecting the right programmable logic isn’t easy and low power claims are often that — just claims. With our Low Power Programmable Logic Comparison Package, we’ve taken the guesswork out of comparing devices so designers can focus on design and not on creating comparison metrics or trying to sort through oft-times confusing data sheets.”

About QuickLogic
QuickLogic Corporation (NASDAQ:QUIK) is the leading provider of the lowest power programmable logic solutions for the portable electronics, industrial, communications and military markets. Our latest products, PolarPro(TM), Eclipse II(TM) and QuickPCI(TM) are being used to implement bridge and control solutions in embedded systems requiring Wi-Fi, DVB-H and IDE or CE-ATA-based disk drives. QuickLogic’s proprietary ViaLink(R) technology offers significant benefits, for programmable logic, including the lowest power, instant on capability and bulletproof intellectual property security. The company is located at 1277 Orleans Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94089-1138.

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