Smart Network Devices Demonstrates Camera with Power-over-Ethernet

An ultra compact network camera with a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Interface will be presented by Smart Network Devices (SND) at the embedded world exhibition, Nuremberg, February 2007 in Hall 11, Stand 203. If PoE-capable hubs and switches are being used in the network infrastructure the power supply of the network camera can now be ensured over the Ethernet network cable. This means significant savings on installation cost. Alternatively, a separate power supply can be used.

The complete E-CAM, on the base of the new Hyperstone 32-bit RISC/DSP processor hyNet32(R)S, measures only 6 x 5 cm in PCB size. Thanks to SND’s own network operating software HyNetOS(R) the camera reaches an excellent performance at a very low price. Due to the fact that JPEG compressed VGA images can be delivered over an IP connection at full video rate (25 frames/sec.), smaller formats can be delivered at even higher frame rates. With the aid of a special image transfer protocol it is also possible to request single image shots as well as the continuous Motion-JPEG video stream from a remote PC over the Ethernet network interface.

In addition to the well-known JPEG image compression, other image processing algorithms such as pattern recognition are possible. Because of the high performance of the 32-bit RISC/DSP chip from Hyperstone these algorithms can be executed on the camera itself. With HyNetOS(R) a large variety of protocol stacks, a file system and a set of device drivers for different peripherals are available as standard or as optional extras, and offers the application programmer a great deal of flexibility, if required.

With its high performance, as well as its unique feature to make firmware updates via FTP file transfer, it makes the E-CAM suitable for a number of network camera applications including building surveillance, traffic control, monitoring of manufacturing processes, pattern and shape recognition, motion detection and analysis, human face recognition as well as general purpose security applications.

The E-CAM is primarily targeting the OEM market as a populated and tested PCB. Customer specific hardware or software adaptations are possible. In order to implement different image processing algorithms and applications SND is furthermore offering a full-featured development kit to OEM customers.

Additionally, in selected variants, the E-CAM is available from SND as a standard off-the-shelf product with removable lenses (M12 or M9) and packaged in housings with protection class up to IP65.

Smart Network Devices GmbH
Smart Network Devices GmbH (SND), established in 1999 in Neuss and now located in Jülich, has developed an innovative technique of their own, making it possible to handle complex communication requirements in wired and wireless networks on one single chip (System on Single Chip). With products such as the network operating system HyNetOS(R) dedicated to the Hyperstone processor architecture, the Micro WebTarget(R) board family, the Bluetooth board Micro BlueTarget(R) as well as various software protocol extensions for HyNetOS(R), Smart Network Devices became one of the leading technology suppliers worldwide in this area of the market. Completed by the embedded network operating system 4NetOS(R) for ARM based architectures Smart Network Devices today offers powerful and platform independent “Embedded Networking” solutions in fields such as industrial automation, facility management, wireless infrastructure etc.