Gleichmann Showcases NEC 16-Bit and 32-Bit All Flash MCUs

Gleichmann & Co. Electronics GmbH will present NEC Electronics’ newest All Flash(TM) devices in Hall 12, Booth 466 at embedded world 2007 in Nuremberg, 13-15 February 2007. The latest devices offer up to twice the memory and a significant increase in pin counts compared to previous devices. They include new 32-bit MCUs of the V850ES/Fx3, V850ES/Sx3 and V850ES/Jx3 series with up to 1 megabyte of flash memory and more than 20 new 16-bit 78K0R/Kx3 MCUs with up to 512 kilobytes of on-chip flash memory.

NEC Electronics 16-Bit and 32-Bit All Flash MCUs

All devices are based on advanced 0.15-micron processes using SuperFlash(R) technology by Silicon Storage Technology, Inc. Thanks to varied, integrated peripheral functions, the new 16-bit and 32-bit MCUs help to significantly reduce the number of parts required in e.g.: motor control applications, heating control systems, measuring instruments as well as battery and display applications.

During the design of the V850ES/Fx3, V850ES/Sx3 and V850ES/Jx3 MCUs, special attention was given to ensure the greatest possible compatibility with the previous “x2″ generation. Some of the new features include an increased clock frequency of 32/48 MHz and an internal 8 MHz oscillator, which allows a fast wakeup from standby or sleep modes and an energy efficient operation of the device. Also, for the first time, a device in a 176-pin package is available. The new V850ES/Fx3 and V850ES/Sx3 series, with up to 1 megabyte of on-chip flash and integrated data flash, are particularly interesting for use in CAN, automotive and infotainment applications.

The new 16-bit 78K0R/Kx3 series MCUs, with optional 64, 80, 100, 128 or 144-pins, do not only distinguish themselves with 512 kilobytes of on-chip flash memory and up to 30 kilobytes RAM, but also because of their excellent power/performance ratio of only 1.8 mW/MIPS. Moreover, features such as the three stage pipeline enable the CISC architecture high speed operation of up to 13 MIPS. At 20 MHz clock frequency, the minimum instruction execution time is a mere 50ns.

An internal oscillator, a voltage detector, a watchdog, an innovative and highly flexible 16-bit timer block and a real-time clock are standard features of the new 16-bit controllers. Beyond that, multiple serial interfaces, combined in a special serial array unit, guarantee a high level of flexibility.

Gleichmann & Co. Electronics GmbH provides an array of tools to support efficient development of all new 16-bit and 32-bit MCUs from NEC Electronics. In addition to the IECUBE, the MINICUBE2, is also offered. The MINICUBE2 debugger / full flash programmer combination, makes it simple to develop and test MCU programs in a single tool supporting all current 8-, 16- and 32-bit product families from NEC Electronics.

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