FSMLabs Adds Carrier Grade RTOS Support to AMD Opteron ATCA Platform

FSMLabs released carrier grade real-time operating system support for the new ATCA telecommunications reference design from AMD (NYSE: AMD). FSMLabs’ RTLinux for the AMD Opteron(TM) processor-based 64-bit Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (AdvancedTCA(R)) platform from Pinnacle Data Systems (PDSi) is available immediately and is superbly suited to emerging convergence applications where data plane and management functions need to be tightly coordinated.

FSMLabs’ Carrier Grade RTLinux product line provides telecom OEMs hard real-time responsiveness, FSMLabs’ first-to-market OSDL CGL 3.2 carrier grade Linux, and support for virtualization of enterprise-class compute loads. Carrier Grade RTLinux and the AMD Opteron processor-based ATCA blade offer a high-availability platform for converged voice/data applications including VoIP, IPTV and phone network management.

Convergence capitalizes on the performance of the AMD Opteron processor and helps decrease both development costs and deployment costs due to ability to run such a deep stack with no degradation in performance.

RTLinux Provides Real-Time Edge on ATCA
RTLinux offers systems developers compliant POSIX real-time threads for line-speed data plane performance. By reserving one or more CPU cores in the PDSi dual-processor dual-core ATCA system, RTLinux based on the AMD Opteron processor-based platform can reduce worst case scheduling drift to under 2 microseconds for real-time applications and under 17 microseconds on CPU cores shared with Carrier Grade Linux non real-time applications. “RTLinux is designed to enable the deployment of the PDSi AdvancedTCA(R) AMD Opteron processor-based board in a wide range of demanding communications roles,” noted Erik Salo, director of marketing, Microprocessor Solutions Sector, AMD. “The combination of RTLinux and AdvancedTCA provides an extremely scalable and flexible Carrier Grade solution driven by the leading-edge performance of the AMD Opteron processor with Direct Connect Architecture.”

Virtualization Supports Mix of Embedded and Enterprise Loads
FSMLabs’ Carrier Grade RTLinux accommodates the growing complexity of telecommunications systems software stacks. Carrier Grade RTLinux combines POSIX hard real-time with the ability to host virtual instances of enterprise operating systems and accompanying compute loads. Carrier Grade RTLinux adds performance, stability and security to one or more virtualized “guest” instances of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), Novell SuSE Linux, and even Windows XP, all on high performance 64-bit AMD Opteron processor-based ATCA hardware.

Patented hard real-time virtualization technology decouples the FSMLabs POSIX RTCore real-time kernel (the technology behind RTLinux) from an embedded Linux or BSD UNIX client enabling a 100% preemptible system to ensure timely execution of critical code. The Linux client is an enterprise level operating system on its own, and can further act as a virtualization host for other instances of Linux or Windows XP or other operating systems. “Embedded systems today need to bridge seamlessly into the enterprise,” commented Victor Yodaiken, CEO and president of FSMLabs. “The exceptional computing power and low latency of AMD Opteron processors allow us to respond to packets in nanoseconds while at the same time running applications on both Carrier Grade Linux and instances of Windows XP, Red Hat Enterprise and Suse Linux.”

FSMLabs’ first-to-market OSDL Carrier Grade 3.2 Linux provides a complete, fully functional, enterprise class operating system with a complete set of development tools, sophisticated networking and storage, comprehensive security, and telecom specific capabilities. RTCore adds hard real-time. The virtualization envelopes for additional guest operating systems complete the stack.

Carrier Grade RTLinux for the PDSi AdvancedTCA(R) AMD Opteron processor-based board is available immediately direct from FSMLabs and from its distributors and representatives worldwide. Contact FSMLabs for local distributor contacts and for pricing information.

About FSMLabs
FSMLabs provides hard real-time mission-critical solutions designed for reliability and simplicity of operation. FSMLabs was founded in 1998 and is privately held, with headquarters in New Mexico and sales and engineering staff worldwide. FSMLabs’ products include RTLinux, RTCoreBSD, LNet real-time networking, PSDD protected memory real-time, VxIT legacy emulation, Carrier Grade RTLinux, RTCore Eclipse IDE and ControlsKit XML/RPC interface builder. For more information, email sales@fsmlabs.com.

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