Sequence Design, Dongbu Electronics Reduce Leakage Power by 240X

Sequence Design, EDA’s power-aware SoC design technology leader, and Korea’s Dongbu Electronics Inc., one of the world’s largest pure play wafer foundries, announced test results demonstrating a 240X reduction in leakage power using their jointly developed, advanced MTCMOS power-gating flow. Power-gating design techniques significantly reduce leakage power which can easily consume up to one-half of a modern SoC’s power budget if left unchecked.

Sequence provided Dongbu an advanced MTCMOS power-gating solution incorporating CoolPower, a complete toolkit for full-chip level physical power optimization. Recently, Dongbu successfully fabricated a 130nm chip produced and optimized by the CoolPower based flow. Now Dongbu has the most advanced leakage-reduction flow and is ready for future technologies in which leakage power is dominant.

“Sequence’s leadership in low-power design tools and its particular expertise in leakage power makes it an ideal partner for this effort, as demonstrated by these outstanding results” said Dr. Jae Song, EVP of Marketing Department for Dongbu. “We are very pleased to offer this exciting and innovative new design technology to our customers, and look forward to collaborating with Sequence on new initiatives in the years ahead.”

“By using this advanced methodology and flow for power gating designs, customers who require minimal leakage power, fast turn-around times, and minimum engineering efforts are able to fabricate a power-gated SoC more easily and effectively,” said Sequence president and CEO, Vic Kulkarni.

Sequence’s power-gating solutions will include full chip level power-gating analysis, automatic design conversion from non power-gated designs to optimized power-gated designs, and power gating verification of rush current and voltage drop.

About Dongbu Electronics
Dongbu Electronics provides world-class CMOS processing for system-on-chip solutions that integrate advanced logic, analog, and mixed-signal technologies. As a “Specialty Solution Partner” in high-growth markets, such as those represented by mobile handsets and flat-panel displays, Dongbu adds high value with specialized processing for CMOS Image Sensor (CIS), High Voltage, Embedded Flash, and LCD Driver IC (LDI) functions. Dongbu’s collaborate-and-thrive approach is evident across the entire manufacturing spectrum including prototype development/verification, packaging/module development, complete turnkey solutions, and accelerating time to volume production. The company’s stock is publicly traded under 001830 on the Korea Stock Exchange.

About Sequence
Sequence Design accelerates the ability of SoC designers to bring high-performance, power-aware ICs quickly to market. Sequence’s power and signal- integrity software solutions give customers the competitive advantage necessary to excel in aggressive technology markets, despite the demanding complexity and time-to-market issues of nanometer design. Sequence serves over 150 customers worldwide, in application segments such as consumer, wireless, mobile computing, multimedia, cell phones, digital cameras, network-on-chip processors, and other power-sensitive markets. Sequence has worldwide development and field-service operations and is privately held.