Jinvani Systech Introduces SD Designer for SD Host Driver Development

Jinvani Systech, the World leader in SD flash memory / SDIO development and testing technology, announces a unique development tool allowing users to use their own easy to write scripts to develop or validate SD/SDIO devices without going through a complex process of device driver development. It means much easier and quicker completion of SD / MMC/ SD/IO engineering projects.

SD Designer is PCI-based traffic generator hardware along with a Windows base GUI and a software APIs for SD host driver development. It works with the proven Jinvani Systech SD Gold host hardware to precisely generate custom SD traffic. It is a great tool for developers of SD device driver and host controllers. Jinvani welcome SD/SDIO card vendors to test our solution in order to make their cards compatible to various SD/SDIO host devices. On the other hand, it will be a great tool for SD/SDIO host device vendors to test and assure the compatibility of their devices with various kinds of SD / SDIO cards.

“The new SD Designer is one simple solution for Hardware developers to test system level issues, Developers to validate the functionality, QA team to perform regression testing and Production team to deploy medium to large scale testing environment,” says Abhay Jain, Jinvani Systech CTO. He added, “We have worked closely with Engineers and this product is specifically developed to ease their struggle with tight schedules, understanding of protocol behavior and even tighter development budgets. SD designer can cut months off of the development and validation phase for most common applications.

The system can be used to output, individual transactions or loops, with wait times, frequency selection, bus width, and data read write to name a few capabilities. The SD Sleuth Production Pro version has manual error injection and extensive exerciser capabilities including port state changes and bandwidth measurements.”

SD Designer may be used with the Jinvani Systech Sleuth protocol analyzer. Together they are an integrated SD development system that engineers can use to generate reliable and repeatable SD traffic, and concurrently record the effect on the target device for later analysis.

About Jinvani
Jinvani Systech Inc. is a leading provider of SD communication protocols testing and analyzing products & solutions for development of SD, MMC, SDIO, MMCA, CE-ATA products. Jinvani Systech products include SD Sleuth II (the world first SD protocol & bus analyzer), SD Extender cards, SD Gold Host (PCI / IDE to SD connectivity) and high performance SD Bus Driver stacks for RTOS.