ADLINK Rolls Out GEME-5000 Compact Multi-Application Computer

ADLINK Technology announces the most advanced computer in our line of PC-based controllers. The GEME-5000 offers multiple CPU options, USB 2.0 connectors and DDR RAM in addition to standard features found in earlier models. The GEME-5000 is equipped with an Intel(R) Low Voltage Pentium(R) M processor (up to 1.4GHz) and can be controlled from remote locations and run continuously in critical applications including machine tools and digital video capture.

ADLINK GEME-5000 Compact Multi-Application Computer

The GEME-5000 fully meet the needs of embedded controllers; they are compact, have front side access, highly-reliable and offer an expandable architecture with optional motion/IO/communication modules in PMC or PC104 form factors. The GEME-5000 offers fast CPU speeds, the latest chipsets and anti-vibration features. In addition to an AC power supply, it also supports DC power supplies for in-vehicle applications. Operating systems include Windows 2000/XP, Embedded XP, WinCE.Net and Linux.

The GEME product line starts with an entry-level series, the GEME-2000, which is powered by a 650MHz Intel(R) Ultra Low Voltage Celeron(R) processor and an IEEE1394 interface, two USB ports, 256MB RAM, 10/100 Ethernet, Type 1 CompactFlash, VGA, two COM ports, PS2, parallel and two IEDE interfaces. The GEME-3000 series boasts an 800MHz Intel(R) Low Voltage Pentium(R) III processor and the GEME-4000 is equipped with an Intel(R) Ultra Low Voltage Celeron(R) M processor (600MHz). Customers have the option to add four channels of video capture for surveillance applications.

About ADLINK Technology
ADLINK Technology is a leading manufacturer of high-performance, high-quality PC-based add-on cards for the test & measurement, automation and process control industries. ADLINK is also quickly emerging as a leader in industrial computing products with innovative passive backplane and CompactPCI platforms. ADLINK products are globally marketed through direct sales offices for OEM customers and an extensive network of worldwide sales channels.

The company has over 30% of its employees in research and development for the following product groups:

  • Test & Measurement: NuDAQ Series of ISA/PCI/cPCI/USB data acquisition and communication cards, NuDAM Series of remote data acquisition modules and DAQBench Active X Controls for visual programming and control
  • Automation: Motion controllers in cPCI/PCI/PC104 form factors and wire-saving high-speed I/O technology for real-time control applications
  • Computer & Communication: CompactPCI and PXI computing platforms in both 3U and 6U form factors and PCI-X of PICMG single board computers in half and full-size versions