STMicroelectronics Enables Application for Smallest 8-pin MCUs

STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM) announced a low-cost, complete evaluation and development package for the tiny 8-pin versions of the ST7Lite microcontroller family, with a recommended resale price of just $12.00. The ‘ST7Ultralite Primer’ is a compact USB-powered tool based on the ST7FLITEUS MCU, pre-programmed with a real-world software application which is designed to demonstrate all of the MCU’s main features and peripherals.

ST7Ultralite Primer Enables Application for Smallest 8-pin MCUs

The ST7Ultralite Primer extends ST’s existing tool line with a complete, ultra-low-cost evaluation and development tool based on a proven tool solution – the Raisonance RIDE and RLink for the ST7, uPSD, STR7 and STR9 families – and has been tailored specifically to the ST7FLITEUS.

The Primer plugs directly into the USB port of a host PC, and includes ST’s UltraliteMusic application to highlight features such as the internal RC oscillator, 10-bit Analog to Digital Converter (ADC), 12-bit autoreload timer with PWM, and low voltage and auxiliary voltage detectors. This light sensor and buzzer application plays five musical selections; changes in ambient light intensity cause it to step through the tunes. If the Primer is unplugged from the USB port and then reconnected, the music continues from where it left off thanks to the MCU’s low voltage detection.

Users can modify UltraliteMusic – for which C source files are provided – and can create new applications using the C compiler and RIDE software toolset included with the kit. The Raisonance uRLink in-circuit debugger and programmer enable users to run, modify and debug application code on the host PC through the USB connection. Also included are the RBuilder application builder for easy configuration of the ST7 peripherals and generation of source code, and the RFlasher programming interface.

The ST7FLITEUS in the 4.5mm x 3.5mm DFN8 package is the smallest 8-pin MCU in the market; the Primer’s styled package even includes a magnifying glass to highlight the tiny device. Yet it integrates key system peripherals of the popular and easy-to-use ST7Lite Flash MCU family, and is ideal for cost-sensitive applications such as security, lighting, power control, small appliances, sensors and simple motor control.

Primer is available now, ST part number ST7FUS-PRIMER, priced at $12.00 per unit.