NEXCOM Debuts EBS 1300 Digital Signage Commander Industrial Computer

The latest addition to Nexcom’s range of Industrial Computer Solutions is the EBS 1300 Digital Signage Commander, a product that has been specially designed to improve the display quality of MPEG-2/4 & Flash multimedia and to enhance the video streaming with Gigabit Ethernet. The EBS 1300 supports multiple resolution types while offering remote wake up capability, making it suitable for a multitude of digital signage applications within the transportation industry, including train stations, buses and airports. Other applications for this technology are found within hotels, casinos, cruise ships, shopping centers and restaurants.

The incredibly compact EBS 1300 Digital Signage Commander is a “proven concept” as a simple and cost effective pre-configuration system. Based on the EBC 300 embedded CPU board, the EBS 1300 supports Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor, on-board 256MB memory, CompactFlash, and a 2.5″ IDE hard drive, whilst integrating with Gigabit Ethernet connection and four USB 2.0 connections. When the EBS 1300 is configured with a panel mount bracket, it can be easily affixed to the wall or attached to the back of the Plasma display panel.

High Performance
Featuring a high performance Intel(R) 852GM and a Intel(R) ICH4 chipset, the EBS 1300 supports Pentium M processor up to 1.8 GHz with on-board 256 MB memory. Therefore, the EBS 1300 is a great digital signage commander for the enhancement of MPEG-2/4 and Flash multimedia. With Integrated Realtek(R) RTL 8110SB Gigabit Ethernet Controller, the EBS 1300 is able to provide sufficient bandwidth to stream video on demands and updates.

Remote Wake up
The EBS 1300 is also suited for use in remote sites because it supports the ATX power mode. The user can perform remote wake up, schedule power on or remote shutdown to download the multimedia files, and maintain the system from his/her office.

Supports Multiple Display Types
The EBS 1300 also supports multiple display types, such as projector, TFT VGA panel, and wide screen Plasma TV. It can support XGA resolution up to 1600×1200 at 85Hz & 2048×536 at 75Hz and WVGA & WXGA resolution up to 1366×768.

Adding Peripheral and Expansions
The I/O is designed for easy access of adding various peripheral. There are four USB 2.0 connection ports available to configure the desired peripheral such as USB Wi-Fi or USB web camera. In addition, the commander has one PCI-104 form-factor module that suits for optional integration like 8 x GPIO and LVDS through spared DB9/DB25 knockout space.

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