AMCC's Saguaro Evaluation Kit Ships with Kozio's kDiagnostics

Kozio, Inc., the leading provider of automated validation software ideally suited for board-bring up, manufacturing test and power on self test, announced that an evaluation version of its kDiagnostics(TM) software is now shipping as part of Applied Micro Circuit Corporation’s (AMCC’s) new Saguaro evaluation kit for the nP3705 packet processor. Access to Kozio’s full-featured evaluation software, as well as support from the company, is available immediately for custom designs using the PowerPC 440EP processor.

This continues Kozio’s long-running partnership with AMCC, as well as the company’s FullCircuit evaluation program, which provides an evaluation version of kDiagnostics with a variety of third-party processor evaluation platforms. Users have access to a full-featured evaluation version of the software, enabling them to test out the entire board in minutes and explore all the features of the technology.

“If you can get proven, pre-verified third-party diagnostics at a fraction of the cost of writing them yourself, it’s hard to justify spending the engineering time developing custom code,” notes Al Arendt director of sales at Kozio. “Our customers are enjoying increased success because their development engineers are spending more time developing products with higher performance, improved reliability and a wider range of features than their competitors. Kozio is helping them deliver better products – on time.”

Kozio’s turnkey validation package is pre-installed on the Saguaro evaluation platforms, allowing potential customers to explore various benefits of kDiagnostics, including proven test suites for 440EP core and expansion bus, memories and all peripherals, with full access to all special-purpose Power PC registers. Kozio’s standard package includes test suites for DDR, SDRAM, EEPROM and DMA, with full programming capabilities during testing of UART, Ethernet (10/100), Gigabit Ethernet, PCI and connected devices, 12C and connected devices, USB port, and temperature sensor.

Kozio’s support, including a full validation suite for board bring-up, is available immediately for any custom board using the 440EP processor. Validation suites are provided for evaluation purposes, and a complete validation package can be prepared for custom 440EP boards in two weeks – even before the first custom board arrives from assembly. In addition, Kozio can provide a fully automated test suite for manufacturing or production test and power-on-self-test, delivering the same test functions used for board bring-up.

Benefits of Using Kozio Products
Kozio provides proven hardware validation software based on the schematics of product designers. In this manner, Kozio is able to deliver a complete package for custom hardware without tying up customer resources. This model has proven successful with large and small companies alike, who have used Kozio software during all phases of a product’s lifecycle to save time and money.

About AMCC’s nP3705 Packet Processor
The nP3705 is an OC-24 packet processing and traffic management solution. In addition to high-performance packet processing and fine-grained traffic management, the nP3705 includes specialized coprocessors that perform classification, policing, and coherent database management for unparalleled line-rate performance. The nP3705 packet processor expands AMCC’s packet processor technology to multi-service access applications.

Developed over several generations of traffic management and packet processor products, AMCC’s packet processor technology unites the flexibility of the industry’s highest-performance packet processing nPcore with the most widely deployed and mature traffic management technology. This unique combination enables developers to achieve extremely fine-grained control of subscriber traffic, without impacting the ability to perform complex protocol inter-working at media speeds. The single-stage programming model dramatically simplifies software development and troubleshooting for fast time-to-market.

About Kozio, Inc.
Kozio, Inc. is the leader in providing automated validation software for today’s computing devices. Kozio delivers turnkey software that provides a comprehensive suite of hardware diagnostics used for debugging and testing custom boards implementing processors from AMCC, ARM, IBM, Intel, Freescale, TI or MIPS. Kozio’s clients build state-of-the-art products where successful use of the newest technologies with shortened development cycles requires them to constantly innovate to stay ahead of their competition. Kozio software improves test methodologies and streamlines the development process with proven solutions for board bring-up diagnostics, manufacturing test, environmental test, power-on self-test, in-field diagnostics and returns testing. By delivering proven validation software ahead of the hardware, Kozio reduces project schedule risk and development costs while increasing test coverage. Headquartered in Longmont, Colorado, Kozio products are available through a direct sales force and worldwide distributors.

About SDC Systems
SDC Systems Limited is a leading European distributor of embedded development software, tools and hardware. Focused on innovative and leading edge technology, SDC strives to provide “technology that makes a difference”, technology that will positively impact the development process and the quality and functionality of the final product. With many years’ experience and talented engineering support, SDC Systems work closely with their clients to provide an important source of embedded expertise and products.

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