Aeroflex 6413A UMTS Test System Supports Inverse Multiplexed ATM

Aeroflex has enhanced the testing support provided by its highly successful 6413A UMTS basestation test system to support testing of basestations using an Inverse Multiplexed ATM (IMA) configuration.

IMA is a method of combining multiple E1/T1 connections to increase backhaul bandwidth between the basestation (Node B) and Radio Network Controller (RNC). IMA is an additional protocol stack layer beneath ATM that handles the multiplexing and scheduling of ATM frames over multiple E1/T1 lines using a round robin method. Using IMA each E1/T1 line continues to operate in the same way as it would in a single line configuration.

The Aeroflex 6413A UMTS basestation test system is designed specifically for the installation and commissioning, maintenance, fault-finding, performance verification and optimisation of radio basestations. A single-box portable solution, it is able to take complete control of the basestation via the Iub interface and perform all of the critical transmitter, receiver and functional tests without external control equipment or the need for detailed knowledge of the basestation’s operation and control.

The Iub controlled test mode allows UMTS basestations to be tested with repeatable test scenarios in a controlled environment to ensure that the basestation’s transmitter and receiver performance matches planned network coverage. In the Iub controlled test mode, the Aeroflex 6413A UMTS basestation test system can be used to check that the IMA links are fully functional and that they capable of handling the traffic sent between the basestation and RNC.

The IMA test support is available as standard on all new Aeroflex 6413A UMTS basestation test systems and as an upgrade to existing systems.

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