DiSTI to Develop 3D Diesel Engine Training Aids for US Army

DiSTI, a global leader in the development of Human Machine Interface (HMI) software, announces that the U.S. Army Transportation School has selected DiSTI to develop 3D virtual interactive training aids for four diesel engine models. DiSTI will be utilizing GL Studio(R) for Java to develop the 3D training aids and shall deliver the content for use in classroom lessons at the U.S. Army Transportation School in Fort Eustis, Virginia.

The U.S Army Transportation School’s primary mission is to train core competencies to all Army Transportation Corps military occupational specialists including Maritime leaders and maintainers. The school has chosen DiSTI’s Virtual Maintenance Training Environment featuring Natural Navigation to expand there 3D training aids. DiSTI will be building training aids of the Cummins 855 and KTA50, and the Caterpillar 3406 and 3408. The 3D training aids will be used as part of the diesel engine course to enable students to become familiar with the engines parts and functionalities through hands-on interaction with a virtual model.

The 3D training aids are part of the Transportation Schools blended learning solution which incorporates classroom instruction, virtual interactive courseware, and hands-on training on physical engines. The added benefits of the 3D training aids is the ability to deploy lessons to personnel prior to entering the Transportation School to asses the students readiness levels. Maritime personnel will also be able to take the 3D training aids with them on deployment for just-in-time training.

The 3D training aids will allow the students to perform virtual activities associated with the particular job sheets for these engines including disassembly, assembly, inspection, and pertinent installation and timing procedures. The students will also use 3D training aids of special tools required during these procedures. This interactive virtual capability will actively engage the students in the learning process while significantly improving the retention of the lesson content.

DiSTI will use their next generation HMI development tool, GL Studio for Java, to design and develop these 3D training aids. This unique solution will create Java based content that will run through the Java OpenGL (JOGL) bindings available via the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). This avenue will provide and unprecedented level of reusability, deployability, and performance never before seen in this type of application while adhering to the Department of Defense doctrines set forth on Level 2 Mobile Code.

About DiSTI
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