Gleichmann Acquires Swiss ULTRATEC INTER AG

As of the beginning of November, 2006, the Gleichmann & Co. Electronics GmbH, a division of the successful, Europe wide operating MSC Group, has acquired a majority holding in the Swiss ULTRATEC INTER AG. Starting immediately, the new company will have the name Gleichmann ULTRATEC AG and continues under the leadership of ULTRATEC INTER AG’s founder, Hans Eggensberger. The headquarters remains in Schwerzenbach, Switzerland.

Decisive for the acquisition of ULTRATEC INTER AG – according to Thomas Klein, Managing Director of Gleichmann & Co. Electronics GmbH and Board Member of Gleichmann ULTRATEC AG – was the similarity of products and business philosophy of both companies. “Since its founding, almost ten years ago, ULTRATEC INTER AG has earned itself an excellent reputation as a technically competent design in oriented distributor, particularly in the areas of batteries, displays, crystals and HF components. Since Gleichmann & Co. Electronics GmbH, in addition to microcontrollers and ASICs, is also strongly focused on displays and batteries and we, therefore, could not have wished for a more ideal partner for the Swiss market,” said Thomas Klein.

Gleichmann ULTRATEC AG has access to the complete product portfolio of Gleichmann & Co. Electronics GmbH, which opens up totally new growth possibilities for the company. A major factor, according to Hans Eggensberger, is the products from NEC Electronics. “The innovative 8, 16 and 32-bit microcontroller families, as well as optocoupler and power MOSFET products, put us, even more so than before, in the situation to diversify in the direction of solution provider,” Hans Eggensberger emphasizes. “This chance will be put to good use to the advantage of the customers,” he adds.

Hans Eggensberger and Thomas Klein also see enormous growth potential in the area of displays. Ampire, AUO, Clover, EEDT, NEC, Optrex, Powertip and Truly – there is probably no other supplier in the Swiss market that can offer its customers a larger selection of displays. The company does not limit itself, as does many of the competition, to just sales of TFTs, LCDs, LCD modules or OLEDs, but instead, as a rule, also provides the corresponding customer specific drives. In close cooperation with the Europe wide operating and also part of the MSC-Gleichmann Group, Munich based DISPLAIGN Elektronik & Design GmbH, customer requests and even complete display designs can be fulfilled.

In the area of primary (disposable) and secondary (rechargeable) batteries the line card not only contains principal lines Guiding and CSB, but also now Batterien-Montage-Zentrum (BMZ). BMZ is a system provider and specialist for intelligent battery solutions. Within only a few years, BMZ has established a leading position in the fast growing accumulator (rechargeable battery) market. “With this extended supplier spectrum, we are in a position to offer Swiss customers an almost complete program of lithium ion, NiMH and lead-acid batteries,” states Hans Eggensberger and at the same time points out that in this area it is less the individual component, but much more the customer specific solution that counts.

Gleichmann ULTRATEC AG offers a special service for Swiss customers regarding programming of components. The programming center of the MSC-Gleichmann Group counts as one of the most modern and largest of its type in Europe. If requested, everything that can be programmed is programmed: from standard memory chips, the most up-to-date NEC 32-bit microcontrollers and antifuse FPGAs. Twenty four hours a day. Seven days a week. As many as two million components per month.

The strong service orientation is underlined by the availability of its own ASIC design center in Munich and the Gleichmann internally available X-Ray services, such as X-Ray inspection, infrared graphical thermal analysis and the recoating of contaminated gold surfaces, cross-section analysis and BGA repair.

In addition to local delivery storage in Schwerzenbach, Switzerland, a central European stock guarantees Gleichmann ULTRATEC AG customers a high degree of flexibility, security and delivery reliability. “Customer specific barcode labels, total traceability for each individual component or Europe wide 24-hour delivery service – by means of this commitment of Gleichmann & Co. Electronics, we are now able to play in a totally different league as compared with our previous regional only operating company,” explains Hans Eggensberger.

The promotion to the first league of components distributors will, in the long run, have an effect on the number of employees. Nonetheless, Hans Eggensberger does not hold much from overhasty employment. “With a team of eleven persons, we are well equipped to meet the current tasks. After all, we want to be convincing with technical competence and first-class service. Therefore, our first priority in increasing our staff is less the quantity, but more importantly the quality. This is particularly relevant in that our Swiss customers, if necessary, can also rely on the support of product specialists in the main Gleichmann locations in Stuttgart and Stutensee in Germany.”

Gleichmann ULTRATEC AG does not want to publicly speculate about revenue for the coming year. However, in one point both Hans Eggensberger and Thomas Klein are unanimous: “The resulting synergies will benefit all parties, but ultimately the biggest winners will definitely be the customers.”

Gleichmann ULTRATEC AG
Gleichmann ULTRATEC AG was formed from ULTRATEC INTER AG, which was founded in 1997. The company is a design in oriented niche distributor and is concentrated on a few product areas, such as batteries and accumulators, displays, microcontrollers, GPS, RF/HF and crystals. Because of the alliance with the German Gleichmann & Co. Electronics GmbH, Swiss customers also have access to the extensive European product and service offerings of the mother company.

Gleichmann & Co. Electronics GmbH
Since its foundation in 1979, Gleichmann & Co. Electronics GmbH has established itself as one of the leading high-tech distributors of electronic components in Europe. Our success is founded on the customer’s clear benefits of using a company whose focus is on highly sophisticated components such as microcontrollers, programmable logic devices, graphic displays and customized battery solutions. Our highly motivated and skilled field application engineers provide assistance and competent advice throughout all stages of a customer’s design. Gleichmann & Co Electronics GmbH leads the way in custom design services, owning two ASIC design centers, a research laboratory and a programming centre, which is unique in Europe.