Knowles Acoustics Ships Over 300 Million SiSonic MEMS Microphones

Knowles Acoustics reached a major milestone in the history of MEMS microphone technology with the shipment of its 300 Millionth SiSonic(TM) Surface Mount MEMS Microphone. Knowles Acoustics, which shipped its first MEMS Microphone in 2003, has held the position as the leading supplier in MEMS microphone shipments for 15 consecutive quarters – nearly four years.

With an eye on shipping the next 300 million SiSonic(TM) MEMS Microphones, Knowles Acoustics’ has many new products which will lead the way:

  • integrated ‘Mini’ Series – The popular 3rd generation ‘Mini’ Series is NOW available with an integrated differential output for common mode noise reduction as well as an integrated switchable gain feature for hands-free applications.
  • Digital Series – This 4th generation ‘Digital’ is ideally suited for applications where component density is at an absolute premium – such as Mobile Phones, Digital Still Cameras, and MP3 Players. The ‘Digital’ is a single bit, Pulse Density Modulation (PDM) device, has an integrated sleep mode, and is compatible with stereo input applications.
  • ‘Mini Zero Height’ – Also on the horizon is the soon to be released 5th generation SiSonic(TM) – the ‘Mini Zero Height’. The ‘Mini ZHS’ is a mini version of the award winning ‘Zero Height’ SiSonic(TM) in a package 30% smaller than the original.

“Knowles Acoustics is proud to celebrate this historic milestone,” said Jeffrey Niew, Vice President and General Manager of Knowles Acoustics. “We have been able to quickly and smoothly ramp production for high volume applications such as mobile phones and other consumer electronic devices with high quality, innovative, cost effective microphone solutions. SiSonic(TM) is a proven technology and the most widely used MEMS Microphone in the world. As the pioneer in the field of MEMS Microphone Technology, we are committed to continuing this track record with new, innovative products.”

About Knowles Acoustics
Knowles Acoustics is a division of Knowles Electronics, the world leader in microacoustic technology for the Hearing Health Industry. Leveraging the company’s heritage of 50 plus years supplying acoustic expertise to this market, Knowles Acoustics has applied this capability to new markets and customers. Knowles is a leading supplier of acoustic interface solutions; specifically MEMS surface mount microphones, subminiature electret microphones, balanced armature speakers and speech enhancement software. For more information, call 630-250-5935.